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Program Administrator
Section Gastroenterology
Specialty/Subspecialty program: Gastroenterology Subspecialty Education Program

The Program Administrator - Gastroenterology is one of our team of Program Administrators; see that page for more general info about all of them.

The role is currently held by:

Processes / Responsibilities

STARTING TO DOCUMENT THINGS BY SUZANNE GI Link Rounds: The GI residents present on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, from September to June, from 12-1 pm in BMS535 linked to NG002. The residents are to provide a topic and objectives, and then a poster is created.

Monthly Duties

Annual Calendar


Prepare for Incoming and Returning Residents Prepare for residents completing training Incoming residents


Submit Chief & Senior Stipend Template to MSAS

  • Locate and update the GI Chief & Senior Stipend Template: N Drive: INTMED_ADMIN_EDUC2\1_Gastroenterology - Chief-Senior Stipend Template 2019-2020

To prepare for GI CaRMS in September (start preparations in April of each year)

  • Select date with Program Director [Note: PD may need to either cancel clinic or procedure time]
  • Book Room 800 & 815 & 718 JBRC for the full day
  • Book Room 810 JBRC for the full day [book this with Wendy Cirillo
  • Book 808B JBRC for the full day
  • Book (if you can) 718 JBRC for parts of the day, in case you need a back up room
  • Ask for GI Section Members to act as interviewers - we generally use 2 for the morning, and a different 2 for the afternoon

To Prepare for each Block for off-service rotators (off-service residents, and students)

  • The GI Rotation at both sites for rotators consists of attending 2 clinics per week, attending their home program academic half-day, the Gastroenterology Academic Half-Day, as much endoscopy at they like

First Step

  • Email all Rotators at both HSC & 2 weeks prior to the block with their first day instructions, the call schedule for the period they will be on service for, an orientation package, and the PDFs files of the orientation handouts 1 to 11, located on the shared drive: N:\Postgrad - GASTROENTEROLOGY\GI - Training Schedules - Rotation Packages for Rotators to Gastro
    • The GI program is set up so that the Program Administrator - Gastroenterology gives an orientation to the off-service rotators to Gastroenterology. The PA meets with the incoming off-service rotator on the first day of the block, and reviews the orientation manual and reading list with them.

Program Administrator - Gastroenterology provides an in-person to HSC rotators, on the first day of the rotation, by reviewing the Orientation Manual and the GI Call Schedule 2. ORIENTATION MANUAL - Manual for All Rotators to GI

  • All rotators are to do a minimum of 2 clinics a week per block
  • Rotators may attend as much endoscopy as they like
  • Meet with each GI Rotator based at SB, and review the orientation manual with them.
  • For SB rotators, they will meet with Dr. Duerksen when convenient for both of them

PARIM Submissions

  1. Check the Gastroenterology Call Schedules for each site distributed by Emma Shaw for the Gastroenterology Call Schedule for HSC & Rychee Sam for the Gastroenterology Call Schedule for SB
  2. Residents are paid for each evening and weekend they take Gastroenterology call
  3. Complete PARIM submission excel worksheet for appropriate period and site
  4. Save as a PDF in the Gastroenterology PARIM Submissions folder
Interro-01.gif Is that on a file share, as in a GI file share? If so pls put the file share at the bottom of this page since everyone in this role will need access to it.
  1. Send the PDF submission by email to the WRHA at (Contact Person: Rachel Turchen 926-7854)

Information Systems


This role uses the following applications:

File Shares

This role uses the following file shares:

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