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Program Administrator
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Specialty/Subspecialty program: Core Internal Medicine Residency Training Program

The Program Administrator - Core (CBME) is one of our team of Program Administrators; see that page for more general info about all of them.

The role is currently held by:


Processes / Responsibilities

Scheduling of

  • Core IM Program
  • Off Service Residents & away electives, and Elective Residents, R3 Derm clinics, and all off–service trainees


  • Enter allocations for home programs on VENTIS
  • Enter allocations for off-service rotations off-services to schedule their residents
  • Setting up rotation rotation supervisors in VENTIS
  • Daily trainee assignments to Request Releases & approve releases
  • Rotation Schedules per resident (resident copy, detailed copy for program)

CTU rotations

Assessments – VENTIS & CBME Entrada

  • Assigning rotation supervisors
  • Enter Daily Trainee Assignments
  •  ? lighter work load if assessments are done through Entrada ?: no – scheduling and ITARs to continue
  • Delegating assessments if necessary

Information Systems


This role uses the following applications:

File Shares

This role uses the following file shares:

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