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The title of Professor Emeritus/Emerita may be conferred after retirement on members of the faculty of the University who have held the rank of Professor (or in their final year of employment with the University, provided a notice of retirement has been submitted, in which case, the title "Emeritus" would take effect on the date of retirement). Individuals nominated for the title must have rendered distinguished service to the University through their teaching, research, and scholarship. Nominations normally would include evidence of excellence in teaching, including graduate student supervision, and excellence in research, scholarship, and/or creative work. Evidence of excellence in teaching may include awards, evaluations by students, assessment of peers, testimonials from former students, a record of course and curriculum development, innovations in teaching methods, and a corpus of work relating to teaching and learning. Evidence of excellence in research, scholarship and creative work may include awards and recognitions, reviewed and juried works, refereed publications, invited lectureships, success in grant and other competitions, and testimonials by peers. Although the number of years of service at the University of Manitoba is unspecified, it is expected that those nominated will have had a reasonable length of service with the University.

More information, including a complete list for the University of Manitoba is located here:

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Professor Emeritus / Emerita in the Department of Internal Medicine