Procedure for calling Research Chair candidates

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  • is this really unique to research chairs? Or is the process for other academic positions the same? Are there maybe only a few steps that are unique to RCs? Ttenbergen 15:16, 19 September 2017 (CDT)
    • There are points unique to Research Chairs. I am not involved with procedures for other positions. ikr
      • But are the majority of the points the same? If it is for 90% of checks, then the remaining 10% could always get a "for research chairs" with them, and we would still benefit from one optimized list. User:Ttenbergen 16:16, 5 September 2018 (CDT)

Procedure for Calling Research Chair Candidates

Post ad (approved by ________________) for the position.
Send applications/CVs to Search Committee members.
Book Search Committee Meeting to finalize a short list of candidates to interview.
Prepare a binder with tabs to keep the process organized. (itinerary/dinner/accommodation /travel info/search com/cv & ref/correspondence/rejection letters)
Create a Search Committee Group Contact in Outlook for ease in sending out info to the committee.
Notify chosen candidates of interviews and schedule suitable days available for candidate and committee members.
Send rejection letters to the rest of the candidates.
Book flights. Notify candidates.
Book hotels. Notify candidates.
Notify candidates what is required of them – Preparation Information for Interview Visit.
Schedule Research Seminar – Open to General Faculty (1 hour).
Schedule Question Period with Search Committee to follow Research Seminar (1 hour).
Schedule Presentation to Students & Trainees.
Book lunch to follow with a question and answer period with the students.
Create a poster of each Research Seminar. Ask the presenter for the topic to be included in the poster.
Organize meetings with each member of the Search Committee and others as required.
Complete an itinerary to be circulated to the candidate as well as each member involved in interviews.
Organize a dinner including the candidate and 4 people involved in the process.
Book the dinner with the restaurant.
Send out appointments for interviews, research seminars, etc.
Inform candidates of their Itineraries in order for them to know the schedule for them to follow.
Book Search Committee meeting to finalize the selection. Minutes to be taken at this meeting.

Follow-up steps to Search Committee’s candidate selection

Candidates to be notified (by phone) of their outcome, whether they are offered the position or not. To be done by someone leading the search. Correspondence to follow in writing.