Procedure for External Section Review

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When there is a change to a Section Head, before recruitment, an External Review of the Section may be conducted for the Department of Internal Medicine.

External Reviewers are chosen by the Department Head. Two experienced people directly involved in the sub-specialty being reviewed, preferably from other Canadian institutions, are invited.

This checklist is to outline key steps in arranging the review.

Discuss.gif A lot of this is the same as Visitor Travel resp Coordination of Travel for Recruitment Visitors - can we break that part out? Maybe have a general travel checklist that links to relevant details? User:Ttenbergen 21:42, 2 November 2018 (CDT)
Prepare a binder with tabs to keep the process organized. (itinerary/dinner/travel info/accommodation/com/correspondence/supporting information)
Create a Group Contact in Outlook for ease in sending out info to the committee.
Once the reviewers have been contacted by the Department Head, connect with each to confirm dates of review.
Confirm any dietary restrictions from the reviewers.
Book flights or have the reviewers book their own flight. To aid in suitable arrival and departure times, look up flights and send them options/suggestions.


Book hotel accommodation. Notify reviewers.


Send reviewers preparation information for Section Review visit. This is supplied by the Department Head.
Begin schedule with a Section Tour guided by the Section Head (1 hour).
Schedule lunch with the Department Head. (Can be catered in to the dept. head’s office) (1 hour).
Schedule meetings with reviewers in the Internal Medicine Conference Room GC434 including the following:


  • Allow a short break at appropriate times.
  • If possible, allow time at the end of the review for the reviewers to discuss among themselves.
  • End Itinerary with time for preliminary feedback with the Department Head.
Organize a dinner including the reviewers and Department Head and others if required. Book restaurant of choice.
Complete an itinerary to be circulated to the reviewers as well as each member involved in the review.
Send out appointments for interviews.
Inform reviewers of their itineraries in order for them to be prepared for the review.

Reviewers will send receipts to the Managing Director

Final Section Review will be sent to the Department Head.