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The Physician Services Manager - Gastroenterology is the Physician Services Manager specific to the section of Gastroenterology. The role is currently held by:

Information Systems

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Onboarding tasks

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Additional Info

Grants managed by this PSM

Fund Grant Investigator PI
315487 HSC / Internal Med Bern Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes
317240 Research MB AHSR Dr. Singh Dr. Harminder Singh Yes
318420 MerckCda IntMedicine Singh Dr. Harminder Singh Yes
318895 Children's Hospital East Ont Dr. Harminder Singh Yes
319266 U British C / MSSRF Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes
319283 Crohn's Colitis Fdn Targownik Dr. Laura Targownik Yes
319460 CHEO/CIHR Singh, H Dr. Harminder Singh Yes
319675 Wpg Rh/Bowman award 2016 Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes
320169 RMB SPOR-IMAGINE Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes
320171 McMaster / CIHR Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes
320991 CIHR/MFE 158113 Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes
320997 CIHR/MFE 158113 Elissa/Bern Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes
321202 Crohn's & Colities Fdn Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes
321394 UBC/MSSC Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes
322039 Comparative effectiveness and safety of biosimilar and legacy drugs Internal Medicine Dr. Harminder Singh Yes
322223 Evaluating he use of and outcomes associated with 5-ASA use in a population based sample of persons with UC Dr. Laura Targownik Yes
322301 PHARMERIT NA LLC Dr. Charles Bernstein Yes

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