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The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Admin Support provides administrative support for the Section of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The role is currently held by:

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Emergency Coverage In the case that the Section needs to be covered urgently/emergently, the following duties are essential:

1) Physician billings (see directions below) 2) DOCSS reporting (see directions below) 3) Call schedule (see directions below - Section Head creates)

4) Incoming faxes must be checked daily (see directions below); this will include patient forms and prescriptions, consults, referrals, patient reports
Rem Binua DOCSS see DOCSS.

▪ Physician’s on-call days are reported and paid out via the DOCSS ▪ The secretary is given login information to the system upon starting.The log in information is saved in the admin drive under templates. ▪ Data is called in minimum 10 days before the 1st of the month – reported for the upcoming month. e.g for April schedule, I submitted it on March 20th ▪ The DOCSS scheduling sheet is found in the admin drive. Specific steps are included ▪ The PM&R Master Calendar is used to confirm who the MD on call is for the report ▪ Once data is called in, the fax confirmation and data template is filed in the designated binder

▪ Carmella Sanmiego/ Shannon Davis from DOCSS will email an excel sheet to confirm the prior month
Rem Binua Master Calendar PM & R Master Calendar on Outlook has to be updated every 2 weeks. It includes ward coverage for all services for PM&R. Changes and additions to specific services (NMSK, TBI, SCI ward and clinic, AMPUTEE) are reported to Michelle Elands & Physician Billing Servicesfor billing purposes. Everyone from Physical Medicine and Rehab has access to this calendar. Ward coverage schedule is communicated to Rem from the Physicians and added to the calendar.
Rem Binua Office Supplies General office supplies are ordered by Rem through Grand & Toy. Orders are delivered to HSC Shipping & Receiving and delivered to the office once sorted.Paper for printer HSRR133XPRO1 is ordered through SAP. Account is set-up through Tom Fraser
Rem Binua On-call schedule for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation On- call schedule was already assigned for the academic year (September- June) by the Section Head. However changes are communicated to Lisa Wirth and to me. The fixed schedule is located in the DOCSS binder. Changes should be noted in the paper copy and the master calendar. Lisa Wirth sends out the on- call schedule per period ensure that your list is the same.
Rem Binua Section Head - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation PM&R Section Meetings Meetings are typically held the 1st Monday of each month at 5:00pm in the PM&R RR133 Conference Room. Meetings discontinue over the summer months (July & Aug). Meetings may be cancelled based on the Section Head availability. The Program Secretary - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation takes minutes, distributes to the group and keeps record of.


Physicians Supported

 supported by
Dr. Alan CaseyConnie Arguelles
Dr. Davyd Hooper
Dr. Jennifer SalterRem Binua
Dr. Justin MarchRem Binua
Dr. Karen EthansConnie Arguelles
Dr. Ryan SkrabekRem Binua
Dr. Sepideh PooyaniaConnie Arguelles


  • Retrieve messages left from after-hours the day before. Log in information is on the admin desk
  • Reply promptly to messages left.
  • Answers phone as well as any call transfers.
  • Patients inquiring regarding insurance forms. Check to see if these forms were received and filled out and sent to the requester. If the Physicians is billing for these services ensure a Billing Statement is including and a copy sent to Physician Billing Services.
  • Patients or Dr. Offices calling regarding a Consult or appointment please have them call the clinic at 787-2354 (RR2).
  • All other incoming calls or messages, determine the nature and urgency of the call, forward the message to the physician or send the physician a detailed email handle routine matters.
  • Make appointments with drug reps for the doctors. Enter appointment in their Outlook calendars. If you are covering ask the specific physician to give you access on his calendar.
  • Cover other staff in office for sick relief or vacation as needed.
  • Leave detailed message on voicemail when absent or on vacation directing the callers to the person covering.
  • Voicemail recording should be changed to reflect extended time away for vacation or a leave and clearly identify the name and telephone number of individual providing coverage during absence
  • A template for your voicemail recording can be found on the P: under Training Material

Photocopier & Facsmile

  • The fax machine is located in RR112 and the access code is 10001. Our fax number is 787-1476
  • To send a fax, ensure “9” precedes the area code and number being dialed, and when faxing (eg. 9-204-787-0000), for

long distance be sure to enter 9 and then 1 before the area code and number (eg. 9-1-204-787-0000)

  • Supplies for the copier are ordered by the Secretary 3. An email is sent to Rose Manalang (HSC Printing) for delivery to RR133. The copier ID will be required
  • The machine needs to be checked regularly for incoming faxes and distributed accordingly - at minimum each hour

Incoming Patient Correspondence (faxes)

We receive a large volume of patient correspondence via facsimile, internal and external mail, all of which need to be sorted and distributed appropriately, noting that different physicians have different preferences

  • Check fax machine regularly (every 1-2 hours) for any incoming faxes, located in Room RR112.
  • Incoming faxed documents will include: referrals, in-patient consults, patient follow-up the steps are outlined below.
  • SSCY correspondence will come in via fax; the cover page will instruct what is required. Example: “please revise and return” – give to MD to review, advise and return to SSCY
  • New referrals sent to Dr. Arneja (retired) can go to Dr. Justin March

Prescription Refill Requests

  • Patient prescription refill requests are received via fax
  • The requests are to be put in the physician’s inbox with a “sign here” sticker
  • Once returned signed, the Secretary is to fax back to the requesting pharmacy
  • Once the fax confirmation is received, stamp faxed and date
  • A copy is sent to MD for billing (tariff code 8005) and a copy maintained for physician billing folder (Drs. Casey & Ethans)
  • Triplicate drug requests are processed by the Secretary. The pharmacy is notified to arrange for a courier for pick-up. A copy is sent for billing (tariff code 8005)
  • Alternate prescriptions received will be delivered by therapists for either Drs. March or Skrabek which require signature for patient to receive devices. Once complete, fax to appropriate facility which should be indicated at the top of script. Send copy to RR2 chart.

EDS Requests

  • Requests are typically received by fax
  • They are given to the physician to complete and are processed as per their written instruction
  • Faxed as per instructions on form – stamp faxed, date and initial
  • Originals to be sent to the RR2 chart, a copy is sent to MD Practice for billing (8003 billing tariff written on the request) and one copy kept for physician billing folder that secretary keeps.
  • Physicians may also generate a request for an EDS which is faxed to Manitoba Health. The procedure for billing submission and photocopies is as indicated in process stated above

Transcription Services/Patient Dictations

  • Outpatient clinic/progress notes are dictated through the rDAT system, transcribed and faxed to the PM&R admin office by Transcription Services (Manager Cathy Belanger 787-8715). When received, the documents are filed into the appropriate (black) shadow charts within the admin offices. They are filed alphabetically and my physician.
  • These copies will have “physician copy” at the bottom. Those with the physician’s name, go to the physician for review (inbox) before filing

Patient Discharge Summaries

  • Discharge summaries are received by fax for all physicians, a copy is filed in the shadow charts, marked “discharge summaries” by physician (black binders in RR-133)
  • Dr. Ethans wants a copy sent to RR2 if not noted on the cc: list of the summary

In-patient consults from HSC and other hospitals

  • These are recorded in the red binder in the admin office by the admin desk
  • Scan and email inpatient consultation request to the appropriate physicians on call for specified service noted on the master calendar, site-assigned clinician (list is in the red binder) and any Residents on rotation in that subspecialty. Which is noted on the master calendar as well.
  • For HSC: A copy is placed in Brent’s office (RR143 A) inbox. If he is not physically in the office, page him (his pager number is in the binder) with the patient information (name and area of hospital admitted to; ie. GA2)
  • Stroke/Rehab inpatient consults sent to Dr. Pooyania, copy the appropriate Clinician as listed below, and keep original in blue binder on admin desk:

- HSC – Brent Moyer - St. Boniface – Linda Catteeuw & Mike Furness - Concordia – Rochelle Medrano - Grace -Annyue Wong - Seven Oaks – Mike Furness - Victoria – Cathy Dear

  • All Amputee Rehab consults in the city go to Patrick Gross: – mail slot in admin office.Email is sent to Patrick Gross and the appropriate physician, either Dr. Ryan Skrabek and Dr. Justin March the schedule will be given to you by Dr. Ryan Skrabek or check the master calendar. Paper copy will be left on the physician's inbox.
  • HSC Geriatric Rehab, Low Bed Requests, Geriatric CNS consults go to the “Geri-Rehab” mail slot in admin office for Grace to review. If urgent, notify her via email or pager.
  • If correspondence is received for Geri-Psych consults, fax back to sender as this does not get seen through our programs
  • Inpatient consults received for Dr. Lesiuk are kept in folder on back cabinets marked appropriately
  • Drs. Ethans and Salter, place original consults in the office inbox with note identifying email was sent and this document is for their records }}

Outpatient Consults/ Referrals

  • All incoming referrals received are entered into the excel spreadsheet(2020 PMR Referrals) under the appropriate physician (in admin drive)
  • As there is quite a lengthy wait list, the spreadsheet acts as an integral process in aiding to direct phone calls from referring physician offices or the patients themselves for information
  • Undesignated MSK consults are, with notation, added for whom it was referred to
  • ONLY give referrals to Dr. Skrabek if it’s addressed to him. Leave it on his desk

(Physical Medicine and Rehab to Dr. March if there is no assigned doctor. Put it on his bottom black tray. Dr. March gives it back to you with a note saying where to book it (e.g book rr1 or rr2) please note on the spreadsheet. And give to specified clinic.

  • Dr. Ethans declined referral letters (template in drive) are sent back to the referring MD with a document which indicates alternative physician options for referring. This is noted as such under the previous entry into the spreadsheet and then placed into confidential recycling
  • CWL = Central wait list: Add to spreadsheet, paper copy goes to the physician, referrals are sent to RR5 (Attn: Stephen) and Dr. Ethans will maintain a copy for her records (filed in a binder)
  • Referrals received for Drs. Hooper, Lesiuk, Salter and Pooyania should be faxed to their clinics at Riverview Health Centre

Medico Legal and Insurance Forms

  • Physicians receive requests for information from various organizations, such as Employment and Income Assistance, Manitoba Public Insurance, Province of Manitoba, Service Canada, Workers Compensation Board, and insurance companies (Great West Life, etc)
  • Upon receipt of the request, it should be date stamped “received” and given to the physician to review and to advise what is required
  • All requests are to be recorded in the tracking spreadsheet, located on the shared admin drive (P:)
  • Patient consent needs to accompany the request. If it is not, contact the company to request a copy
  • Upon the physician completing the request, they will return to the Secretary for processing. They may request a copy of the chart (HSC/RR2/Amp)
  • An invoice to the requestor will need to be generated for the cost of the report (document templates on shared drive); once complete a copy is saved to the drive and a copy is sent to MD Practice Solutions as well.
  • If a fee is not noted by the sender, the physician can indicate a reasonable fee (ex. $35 for a 1-2 page report) for completion of the report, in addition to the .37 cents per copy page.
  • The completed package is to be sent as indicated (fax/mail/back to patient) and means of submission should be noted on the file copy. If unsure, call the patient to confirm
  • A copy of the completed request is filed in admin office shadow chart
  • Drs. March and Skrabek maintain copies of all invoices processed (binder on admin desk labeled INVOICES 2020)
  • Update tracking spreadsheet
  • **Transfer of care or full chart requests can be sent to “Health Information Service – Correspondence MS137” or called in to 787-2074 (opt 1) with the required information


Mail deliveries

  • Ensure all external envelopes have Cost Centre on them - cost centre found above the outgoing mailbox in the admin offices
  • Sign for deliveries from mailroom, couriers, FedEx etc.
  • Incoming mail needs to be sorted and distributed
  • Any envelopes marked “confidential – to addressee only” should NOT be opened and given to the physician’s
  • Some incoming mail is marked “confidential” but only because it is patient information, those can be opened and sorted appropriately (eg. To physician’s inbox to review then file)
  • Mail for physicians who are no longer with the Section can either be recycled (eg. Magazines, advertisements) or collected then sent to their forwarding address (ask PSM for address)

General billing

  • All physician billings are sent/mailed to:

MD Practice Solutions of Manitoba Inc.

  1. 100-205 Fort Street, Winnipeg Manitoba R3C 1E3

Contacts: Rosario Padilla / Shelley Myall (204)988-4869

  • Billings are to be submitted within 6 months, after that period, they are no longer payable. It is important that all billings are sent out in a timely manner
  • Outgoing billing is maintained in the top drawer of black cabinet and mailed each Friday morning
  • Inpatient billings: Inpatient lists are created (shared drive) for Drs. Casey and Ethans every Monday. It is updated with admissions and discharges, as per their notes throughout the week. At the end of each week, it is submitted to MD for billing. A copy is kept in marked file folders for Drs. Casey and Ethans (bottom left hand side drawer)
  • Physicians may send various billings by email and is to be processed as directed
  • Other copies of billing to be maintained and filed by the secretaries include, but are not limited to; outpatient clinic lists, prescription refills, exceptional drug status (EDS) requests, invoices and telephone billing consultations

Other duties

  • Check email and voicemails throughout the day.
  • Calendar Management
  • Email reminders to physicians for upcoming commitments.
  • Upon physician request, pull private chart (located in RR133 or RR2) and place on their desk for them to review. If HSC chart is required, call 204-787-3313 and request the chart one day in advance.
  • Book meeting rooms for physicians at their request - see Meeting room bookings at HSC
  • Book Video conference room for the year through MBTelehealth
  • Book and claim travel for physicians as requested - Travel - WRHA, Dean's Travel Fund, Dean's Travel Fund
  • Cover for other secretaries when required (sick, vacation, workload).
  • Update physicians CV when required.
  • Enter continuing medical education (CME) credit for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program - Mainport App

Maintenance, housekeeping

  • Contact U of M Security to open doors if needed.
  • Contact Shared Health Service Desk for any computer/networking issues.
  • Arrange pick up of Confidential waste when required
  • Contact Maria Loureiro 204-787-4175 or Denise Balcaen 204-787-4831 for issues regarding office phones or the (Fax, Printer/Copier in JBRC 801F) as well as ordering Paper for these 2 Fax/Copiers in JBRC 801F.

Physician absence notification

  • Notify Paging when physician is away. Paging HSC (
  • Secretary handles the Physician Absence notifications. When a physician is going to be away, send an email to the section notifying the other physicians of the absence.
  • Complete a Clinic Cancellation and send to Kim Werestiuk

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