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Information System: Payworks
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Timekeeping for University Medical Group employees

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Processing Deadlines

Logging on to Payworks

To log onto payworks:

Re-setting passwords

For personal accounts, click "Forgot Your Password?"

For #Admin accounts, contact the Payworks#Site Administrator.

Contacting Payworks Users

There is an outlook mailing list to contact Payworks users, both managers and staff:

  • InternalMed Payworks UMG

Contact Tina Tenbergen if the list needs to be updated.


All managers of UMG#staff will need to approve their employees' time. An #Admin account is required in order to do that.

In cases where the employee's operational manager is outside of the department, the Managing Director will act as the employee's manager in Payworks.

Admin account

#Approvers need an admin account for Payworks. To get an admin account, contact the #Site Administrator.

Site Administrator

See UMG#Contacts, for now.


If Payworks doesn't seem to act as you would expect, contact your manager, who will contact #Site Administrator if necessary.

Absence Management vs Time Management

A Time Management module is available in Payworks. It costs extra, and we don't need its full functionality, so we decided to use the Absence Management module also to report extra time.

For employees this means that they will enter their extra hours on a screen called "Time Off Requests", and each new entry will show as "New Time Off Request".

For managers this means that, even for overtime requests, they will receive an email with the subject "A Time off Request Was Submitted by ...", and that when they log into Payworks they will need to look in Time Off Requests to approve the OT request.

For employees and managers this means that getting overtime paid out is not integrated into Payworks and has its own process.

Roles using this information system

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