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In accordance with WRHA Confidentiality of Personal Health Information Policy, Employees and Persons Associated with the WRHA/Health Care Facility shall complete their WRHA PHIA LMS Training every three (3) years through the WRHA PHIA LMS Training on-line, or by an orientation session attended to in person at any of the sites or WRHA. The University of Manitoba PHIA training must also be completed-this, and WRHA PHIA training, is available through U of M Learn.

Education Requirement

take course via Learning Management System (LMS)

This is one of our Onboarding tasks
Task timeframe post-arrival

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Process - U of M

You can complete both U of M research PHIA training and WRHA PHIA training on UM Learn. It's mandatory for researchers to complete both courses.

If you have a U of M e-mail address, you have access to U of M learn.

The process at U of M is to e-mail and ask them to set up U of M Research PHIA training and WRHA PHIA training. Ask the user to provide you with certificates once they are done.

Process - WRHA/Shared Health

  • UMG staff that have a Shared Health employee number and/or access to the Learning Management System (LMS) will complete their PHIA training using this resource.

Online (preferred)

The PHIA online course is available in Learning Management System (LMS)

To find and register for the course :

  1. Log on to the LMS at
  2. Type the key word “PHIA” into the Search box
  3. Click the registration button beside the PHIA for WRHA Course
  4. Click "OK" to register
  5. Launch the course from the Learning Plan tab

In person

The in-person training can be obtained by attending a New Employee Orientation (NEO) session in person. More information can be found here: Sign-up is done through Learning Management System (LMS).

Tracking re-training

Although WRHA PHIA should be updated every 3 years, there is no requirement for a tracking mechanism in place by WRHA. Should there be a reason a physician and/or staff member need to update PHIA (i.e. position change within WRHA or physician applying for new grant), the employee is then requested to update PHIA online either at WRHA or University (depending on the situation).

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This is one of our Onboarding tasks
Task timeframe post-arrival

Cargo storage: