PGME Scheduling Timelines for Incoming Residents and Tasks inc Exit Process for Outgoing Graduating Residents

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PGME sends the Letter of Acceptance to Incoming Residents


Please use PGME Scheduling Timelines below to ensure all schedules are available to trainees by the June 1st deadline. MEDIA: 2019-20 Scheduling timelines for programs_.pdf Confirmation of Rotation Capacities and Allocations:

Programs are required to review their rotation allocations including the Junior and Senior allocation training spots for each PARENT Rotation(Home Rotation). The allocation is based on the total capacity of trainees the service (rotation) can accommodate.

The intake numbers is fairly stable every year however, if a Program is unable to accommodate the numbers of trainees coming to them in 2019-2020 year and/or if there are any changes to the current allocations, Programs are required to inform the PGME Office at


The PGME Office has released the 2019-2020 Academic Year Schedule to Programs for rotational scheduling in VENTIS therefore Programs are able to start building their rotational schedules. The Entrada team will be working on building the scheduling tool in Entrada between Feb 2019-April 2019 and will provide updates as information becomes available. • Programs are required to inform the Off-Service program(s) their number of trainees in all PGY

Levels (including PGY1, carry over and sponsor trainees) who will potentially come to the Off-Service programs for off-service rotations

It is the program’s responsibility to notify their trainees (both new and returning) of the deadlines for time-off requests (i.e. vacation, conference, etc.) and rotation requests (if applicable to your program).

  • Please note that trainees may request changes for time-off request shall be decided normally in advance of commencement of the Resident’s post-graduate

training year but in no case later than eleven (11) weeks after the commencement of the Resident’s post-graduate training year as per the PARIM Agreement.

Deadline for Programs to submit off-service rotation requests to Off-Service Programs is May 15, 2019

All Off-Service rotation must be confirmed by May 31, 2019

Schedules must be released to trainees by June 1, 2019 Please feel free to contact our office with any questions.

Good afternoon Program Directors and Administrators,

Please find below important information pertaining to new and renewing and exiting trainees.

Mandatory Orientation for all Incoming Residents

All incoming R4 Residents MUST attend the PGME Orientation on Monday, June 29 2020. This is a mandatory orientation where all services like CMPA, CPSM, PGME Registration are on site this one day for your orientation. New Trainee Orientation – Monday June 29, 2020 As in previous years, New Trainee Orientation Day is a mandatory component of preparing trainees for their new roles as residents at the University of Manitoba. Residents must make arrangements to attend Orientation Day on Monday, June 29, 2020. Any requests for exemptions must be approved by the Associate Dean, PGME.

The University of Manitoba Bannatyne Bookstore welcomes new residents to their Meet and Greet Reception immediately following the PGME Orientation. Residency program directors and program administrators are welcome to attend. See the attached posters for details on the reception, mailing lists and discounts. The bookstore has requested that the catalogue, and the email signup promotion poster be passed along to their continuing medical residents. NEW 2019 - MyMBT Messaging The Max Rady College of Medicine has moved forward with supporting Undergraduate and Postgraduate trainees with MyMBT Messaging. Postgraduate residents/fellows continuing in the 2019-20 Academic year have been set up. New residents and residents matched to sub-specialty and fellowship programs will be set up prior to July 1, 2019. Postgraduate trainees must use MyMBT messaging for platform-based discussions. PGME Trainees continuing training in PGME Trainee continuing in another training program or sub specialty are required to; ensure their immunizations are up to date, update primary address in VENTIS, pick up their HSC ID requisition at the front desk 260 Brodie Centre (pick up tray) between June 26-30, 2020. Refer to the PGME New and Returning Information document for important information about communication, licensure, and access for your new and returning trainees.

  • Link to PGME website for new residents

CMPA & CPSM Residents must complete their CMPA & CPSM Registration as soon as they can – please see the Registration Checklist below

Vacation Requests Must be emailed to Program Administrator by March 1 2020, and are not guaranteed until Program Director approves it

Must be in 7-day blocks • 1 week block • 2 week block • (ie, not a day here and there)

PGME Vacation Policy

Trainee Resources

New Trainee Resources

Registration Manual for new PG Trainees

REGISTRATION CHECKLIST Please go to this link and see the checklist for incoming residents It is imperative that the trainees must submit the required documents on time, to avoid any delays in the commencement of training or payment.

Department of Medicine Wiki Page regarding tasks for incoming & exiting trainees Scheduling Timelines for Incoming Residents and Tasks inc Exit Process for Outgoing Graduating Residents

Resident Wellness Website


There is a link to an Entrada Demo for Residents

There are a variety of training materials to assist you with Entrada ensuring you are able to access Entrada on the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Entrada website (

EPR for Residents

  • The PGME Office sends a bulk list of all the incoming residents to Steve Clemis to arrange for EPR access for all incoming residents
  • PGME (Donna Coulis 789-3290) circulates the training schedule, about 3 times a year i.e. EPR training.
  • Please note: *Programs should still proceed with arranging the required training.
  • ??? Please contact Steve Clemis 204-237-2516 to arrange for the training ???

Your PGME Team Postgraduate Medical Education Rady Faculty of Health Sciences,

260 Brodie Centre – 727 McDermot Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 3P5

Definition of a returning resident

  • A resident coming to a sub-specialty from Core Internal Medicine
  • ie a current U of M resident, starting into a new sub-specialty program

Returning residents PGME / trainees continuing training in PGME

ie Core IM Residents coming into a subspecialty

  • These returning residents (ie going from Core IM to a sub-specialty) do not need to attend the PGME Orientation session usually held late in June
  • Trainee continuing in another training program or sub specialty are required to:
    • ensure their immunizations are up to date
    • update primary address in VENTIS
    • pick up their HSC ID requisition at the front desk 260 Brodie Centre (pick up tray) between June 24-28, 2019 ( ie These returning residents need new ID forms for becoming sub-specialty resident)
  • Link to PGME New & Returning Information:

for incoming residents (ie resident / trainee coming in from another University)

Discuss.gif All that info appears to live in Unified Gateway. Can we just link to that page? Also, this sounds like it should be part of the general ACMT form filled out for each resident.

Program Administrator Manager to provide updated resident list to Transcription Manager, so that new incoming residents are assigned a transcription code, and provided with instructions

Facility Access

  • Key & building access for HSC
    • If requiring after hours access to residents rooms other than at HSC (ie GIM is in NA309, send an email to HSC Security with first and last name of resident, asking for after hours access to the associated building or regarding access to other buildings ie School of Nursing
    • include resident name
    • building resident needs access to
      • HSC Security will have the residents names from when the resident information was given to them from PGME

If trainee requires after-hours access to rooms at SBH

  1. Arrange for remote access for residents for Accuro, etc. for INcoming Residents-see Unified Gateway

Annual Tasks to Complete

Good afternoon Program Directors and Program Administrators,

To prepare for the 2018-2019 Rotational Scheduling, the following tasks of the Annual 2018-2019 Scheduling Guidelines must be followed and completed by each training program prior to the deadline:

Task to Complete Deadline for Completion Programs are required to inform the Off-Service program(s) their number of trainees in all PGY Levels (including PGY1, carry over and sponsor trainees) who will potentially come to the Off-Service programs for off-service rotations. Please ensure to copy the PGME Office at when informing the Off-Service program(s).

December 20 Programs open their schedule for Submission of Rotation Requests (if applicable) and Vacation/Leave Requests in VENTIS VENTIS Manual Instructions

December 22 Deadline for Returning Trainees Rotation Requests (if applicable) and Vacation/Leave Requests submitted in VENTIS VENTIS Manual Instructions

March 11 Deadline for CaRMs Match Trainees (excluding the R1 CaRMS Match Second Iteration) Rotation Requests (if applicable) and Vacation/Leave Requests submitted in VENTIS VENTIS Manual Instructions

April 1 Deadline for CaRMs Match Trainees - R1 CaRMS Match Second Iteration Rotation Requests (if applicable) and Vacation/Leave Requests submitted in VENTIS

April 29 Deadline for Programs to Submit the Off-Service Rotation Requests to Off-Service Programs VENTIS Manual Instructions

May 15 All Rotation Requests confirmed May 31 Schedule released to trainees June 1

The 2017-2018 Academic Year Schedule is available in VENTIS for Programs to proceed with opening the rotational schedule to the Trainees for the Rotation Requests and Vacation Requests.

Please follow the VENTIS Manual Instructions to complete the setup tasks of whether Leave Requests and/or Rotations Requests (if applicable) are allowed to be submitted within the program.

There are options in VENTIS for selection:

  • Set Up Mode = allow ONLY Leave Requests to be submitted.
  • Closed to Residents = DO NOT allow Submission of Rotation and Leave Requests. Trainee can view previously submitted requests for leave and see the rotations that they have been scheduled with NO ability to make changes.
  • Open to Residents = allow the Submission of Rotation and Leave Requests.

It is the program’s responsibility to ensure they have notified their trainees (both new and returning) of the above deadlines and that the trainee has followed the instructions and submitted the required requests in VENTIS.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the PGME Office.

Thank you for your continuous support,

Wendi Charette in behalf of The CPGME Team

Annually - prior to August 31

  • Residents MUST have their training assessed by the Royal College in order to write their subspecialty exam
  • Royal College Credentials and Exams link [[1]]

Other tasks to consider by Program Administrators for outgoing graduating residents

PGME EXIT PROCESS for exiting / outgoing / graduating residents

Discuss.gif at some point Exit Process for Residents was started for that. Would it make sense to break out any extra stuff into there?

This applies to medical residents & fellows, not employees

Please ensure trainees in your program have been reminded to complete the PGME exit process prior to completing their training. PGME trainees who wish to keep their pager for employment with Shared Health Services are required to contact the Provincial Medical Administrative Services, Please note: the annual Exit Survey will be sent to trainees from the PGME office next week. Digital Health Access for Trainees

  • Above link is broken.
  1. Ensure all Core Curriculums have been completed
  2. Cancel Parking 1.5 months in advance (Resident to remember to return transponder to HSC Parking Services Office (will require returning transponder at the end of training)
  1. Have resident return U of M and HSC ID badges & other access cards to Program Administrator (if Resident wants, they can keep their U of M ID | they cannot keep their HSC one though).
  2. When resident returns their HSC ID badge, it is returned to HSC Security, who removes the PARIM Lounge access from that ID. (of note, the PARIM Lounge access also expires on the last date of training for the resident).
  3. Have resident return Pager to Program Administrator
    1. Program Administrator to return HSC ID & Pager to PGME @ 260 Brodie
      1. There is an option for residents to keep their pager as a employee after training completion (sub specialty training). The resident can contact paging through [this email] or call 204-958-2008 and will be given instructions on what to provide in terms of billing information and payment options. This MUST be completed prior to the training end date. The account will be transferred to the resident/physician name and the credit card information with the effective date. The resident/physician will incur their own costs as they are no longer covered by PGME. The Program Administrator MUST provide the PGME office the List of Trainees who will keep their pager as an employee after their training date.
  4. Have resident return keys to any resident room / offices / desks / drawers to Program Administrator
  1. Have resident return SB proxy card back to SB - to obtain their deposit (not all residents have one)
  2. Have resident return SB ID card back to SB, and to cancel parking at SB, if necessary (will require returning Transponder at end of training)
    1. if transferring a key from an outgoing resident to an incoming resident, a Key Transfer Form must be completed (located in folders, all public folders, facilities management, Key Transfer Form)
    2. If Program Administrator has a key audit, update that audit with the changes in keys to residents
  1. Have resident return Unified Gateway keyfobs (most residents use a phone app) for computer access for Accuro & Citrix off-site, PA to email Systems Analyst asking Systems Analyst to terminate Unified Gateway for the resident. If the resident had a keyfob instead of using the phone app, please return that to the Systems Analyst.
      1. if GI Resident: ensure R-PAGE data is up to date

Transcription Services

Program Administrator Manager to provide updated resident list to Transcription Manager

NOTE: FOR GASTROENTEROLOGY: Please note that any resident, either current GI Resident or incoming GI resident or rotating residents, who attend Dr. Bernstein's Friday morning clinic, must have their patient letters dictated and reviewed and ready for him to review by the Tuesday immediately following that Friday clinic.


Acquiring and Cancelling Accuro for incoming residents - Accuro.

LimeSurvey CPD Tracking

If Resident / Fellow is not staying on as a faculty member, remove them from Lime Survey

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