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Information System Info
Information System: PACT
Main Contact:
WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA
Access Form: true

PACT is software used by Hepatology to keep data for research.

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Interro-01.gif Main contact and a bunch of other deatails need to be filled in
Interro-01.gif names of pages of documentation for processes using this information system; as in, how would our secretaries use this software?

Who needs access?

Hepatologists and Program Secretary - Hepatology pages. {{Discuss | How about research support staff?

Setting up PACT

Interro-01.gif If the software needs to be installed on a computer or similar, document here

Getting access to PACT

The access given to the individual will depend on the employees role. The form doesn't allow you an option as to "full access," "read only access," etc.; that's why you put the persons role on the form so that the person giving access knows what access to provide.

Interro-01.gif what are the options for roles in PACT, then?

Removing access to PACT

Interro-01.gif This is from the erenal page, leaving for now in case it can be re-used, otherwise delete.

See Remove Users Access to an Application at WRHA‎‎. Note that if the person is leaving, you would follow these instructions: Terminating Computer Access at WRHA. If access from off-site was used, also cancel Unified Gateway.

Roles using this information system

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