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This is the org chart of the department based on information on this wiki. To add a person to this, see #Adding Org Chart information to a person's page.

Org Chart (graphical)

Bug: The WRHA uses a very old version of IE that can not handle the graphical representation of the chart. The boxes will just show as empty boxes in the WRHA version of IE; they work properly in Chrome and Firefox.

This uses Template:OrgChartLink to generate Mermaid code to make a graph-like org chart.

Support Staff


medical staff org chart in text (SMW)

Medical Staff

All Hepatologists are listed as reporting to Dr. Eberhard Renner since he is Section Head - Hepatology in addition to Department Head.


medical staff org chart in text (SMW)

Org Chart (text)

full org chart
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People pages missing org chart data

person ReportsTo Section
person ReportsTo Section
Allyson Pham Haematology / Oncology
Amy Cote Cardiology
Angela Harper Cardiology
Angela MacDonald
Ashley LaRosa Gastroenterology General Internal Medicine
Bonnie Coss Haematology / Oncology
Bonny Provo Cardiology
Carolyn Garlinski Infectious Diseases
Cassandra Deacon
Christine Sawatzky General Internal Medicine
Diane Gurney Cardiology
Dr. Alexis Botkin Dermatology
Dr. Ali Elgherhani General Internal Medicine
Dr. Ali Habeeb Nephrology
Dr. Asher Mendelson Critical Care
Dr. Bertram Unger Critical Care
Dr. Beyza Ciftci Neurology
Dr. Brent Schacter Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Carla Osiowy Hepatology
Dr. Chantalle Menard Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Christian Hanson Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Daniel Sitar Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. David Collister Nephrology
Dr. Eberhard Renner Hepatology
Dr. Evan Elias Gastroenterology General Internal Medicine
Dr. Eytan Weinberg General Internal Medicine
Dr. Faisal Siddiqui Critical Care
Dr. Gloria Vazquez-Grande Critical Care
Dr. Janilyn Arsenio Biomedical Proteomics
Dr. Jason Sneath Dermatology
Dr. Jeffrey Wheeler General Internal Medicine
Dr. Jessica Fudge Dermatology
Dr. John Wilkins Biomedical Proteomics
Dr. Joseph Peedicail Neurology
Dr. Jovan Hasmatali Critical Care
Dr. Karver Zaborniak Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Laura Targownik
Dr. Lindsey Woodrow Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Magdy Younes Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Mandana Modirrousta Neurology
Dr. Marielle Gawryluk Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Mohsen Khoshnam Neurology
Dr. Neeloffer Mookherjee Biomedical Proteomics
Dr. Oleg Krokhin Biomedical Proteomics
Dr. Rae-Kiran Jhinger General Internal Medicine
Dr. Rhys Sharkey General Internal Medicine
Dr. Steven Promislow Cardiology
Elsa Critchlow
Erva Ritson General Internal Medicine
External person
Janessa Kaus Cardiology
Jennifer Villamor Haematology / Oncology
Judith McFarland Cardiology
Karan Kraft Cardiology
Kathleen Canicula Cardiology
Kathleen Rondeau
Marcia Vanderwater Haematology / Oncology
Monica Preteau Infectious Diseases
Natalia Llorin Haematology / Oncology
Nemia De Grano Nephrology
Patrick Pangan Haematology / Oncology
Paulette Devigne Cardiology
Rhonda Stevenson Nephrology
Rita Mann Cardiology
Sample Data Collector person page
Sandra Klippenstein Endocrinology / Metabolism
Test person
Trish Ostryzniuk
Wendy Bencharski General Internal Medicine
Wendy Cirillo Hepatology
Weronika Luczkanin Haematology / Oncology

Implementation info

Implementation info

Adding Org Chart information to a person's page

  1. open the person's page
  2. click "edit with form"
  3. enter the person's supervisor into the "reports to" dropdown
  4. save

That person's info will now be added to the sample org charts below on the fly, but of course it can be used in other places. We are planning to add it to people's pages, for example, but there may well be other places once we have a good data set.

reporting to External person

People who have a page on this wiki but don't report to the department are coded as reporting to External person; see list on that page.

Data / information infrastructure considerations

  • encode this on the person's page
    • can't be role because those are not unique to people
    • can't be supervisor's person page because those are not unique to people
      • although, to make this as stable as possible we might want this based on roles after all - since then we would have to update the data less frequently (even if my boss changes, my boss's role should remain and be re-assigned to another person?)
  • potential future steps:
    • provide a limited-level org chart (or just a direct reporting link) in employee's person page (and/or the role page) - as in, show their immediate supervisor and/or reports

SMW / extension infrastructure


example without SMW, just entering mermaid syntax directly

Just playing with a manual version and seeing how much I can pull into this from SMW. If we wanted to use this for good I would need some sort of template to auto-update this.

Paths not taken

Didn't do this role based because there is too much duplication. But: should this be by role or by person? I think it needs to be by person, since there is duplication in roles. It could possibly be by person for reporter and role for reportee (since those should always be individual roles), but that would make for messy queries.


Could not install without sudo, launched questions on discussion pages:

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