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Social Media usage

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • When posting pictures or stories on social media, please be aware of the following SharedHealth policies
  • To establish expected standards of conduct for all Shared Health Staff that may engage in social media use. To protect the organization’s reputation and other legitimate interests, while still embracing the positive aspects of employee social media use.
  • Social Media: includes without limitations, personal blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds, or any other kind of Social Media and other websites; including without limitations Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia, or comment on online media stories (collectively, “social media”). policy # 320.100.143
  • Staff: all persons employed or contracted by Shared Health as well as members of the medical staff, volunteers, board members and students.
  • Electronic Networks: includes groups of computers or computer systems that can communicate with each other. These networks include among others: the internet; the intranet; networks internal to health care; and, public and private networks external to health care such as social networking sites.
  • Sensitive Information: personal, confidential or protected information including, but not limited to:
    • a)information that is, or may be, excluded from access under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)
    • b)personal information protected under FIPPA and personal health information protected under The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA); and
    • c) other confidential information that is protected by legislation or is confidential to the health care environment.
  • Shared Health recognizes that staff may engage in social media, including, without limitations, blogging, social networking, tweeting or other similar web sites and services (collectively, “social media”).
  • Staff who engage in social media should be mindful that their postings, even if done off premises and while off-duty, could have an adverse effect on the Shared Health’s legitimate business interests and that readers may view the Staff as a de facto spokesperson for the organization. As such, Staff must adhere to the following:
  • The organization’s electronic networks are the property of Shared Health and these networks are normally used for business purposes in serving the interests of the organization.
  • A Staff’s postings are subject to all of the policies in Shared Health’s Employee Handbook, or on the Shared Health webpage, in the Shared Health Policy Manual found at (urban) or (rural), or by asking your Supervisor or Manager.
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  • Only authorized Staff may speak on behalf of Shared Health.
  • Staff generally should refrain from talking about work-related matters in social media. If a Staff nonetheless chooses to do so, the Staff must clearly disclose his or her affiliation with Shared Health.

  • Staff must not post any inappropriate content. Examples of inappropriate content include, but are not limited to, depictions or presentations of the following:
    • a. Shared Health’s Sensitive Information;
    • b. Shared Health’s logo, trademark, copyrighted materials or proprietary graphics without the organization’s prior written consent;
    • c. photographs of the Shared Health’s locations, facilities, operations, products, etc.;
    • d. postings that, alone or in context, permit a reader to connect you with the organization and that contain obscene, pornographic or sexual content or derogatory or offensive language;
    • e. postings that defame or otherwise discredit the products or services of Shared Health or its Staff, partners, affiliates, patients, vendors, or other third parties;
    • f. postings that include Sensitive Information of Staff, patients or other third parties, without their consent;
    • g. postings that include reference by name to Shared Health’s partners, affiliates, patients, vendors or other third parties, and;
  • Other related policies for Media relations are # 310.130.100
  • Audio Visual usage policy # 310.160.100

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