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  1. Search: “Creating a new person page”
  2. Under the “How to add a new person” – type in the person’s name and click Creating a new person page
  3. Complete the form as normal
  4. Save page
  5. Definitions:
    1. Roles: A role is what assigns a person’s specific info:
  6. Adding roles to your new employee:
    1. Click on “Roles” under the navigation tab (left had side)
    2. Open ALL of the appropriate roles for your new employee in their own tabs
      • Most employee will have more than 1 role. Roles have their location role, employer role, in addition to their functional basic and specific roles.
  7. Examples of Location roles:
Interro-01.gif needs query for Category:Site based employee role
    1. HSC employee role
    2. U of M employee role
    3. UMG employee role
  1. Ex of employer role
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  1. Examples of Origin roles:
    1. Secretary Program
    2. Program Administrator
    3. GFT Role
  2. Examples of Specific roles:
    1. Program Secretary - Rheumatology
    2. Respirologist
    3. Program Administrator - Dermatology
    4. Full list of all roles: ... further results

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