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Who's responsible:

At the time we even think about hiring, a new person page is created; since the person's name is not yet known, the page would be called something like "New Hepatologist 2019".

    • For administrative staff: Manager creates the new person page
    • For physicians: Contract and Recruitment creates the new person page


Creating a new person's page:

  • Go to Shared drive to update the file "New employee Tracker" with all contact information and billing number.
  • Add the new person's name into the following field and click the button:

  • Complete the form as normal
  • Save page

Roles explained:


NOTE Most employee will have more than 1 role. Roles have their location role, employer role, in addition to their functional basic and specific roles.

Location based roles: Deer Lodge employee;Grace Hospital employee role;HSC employee role;Riverview Health Center employee role;SBH employee role;Seven Oaks employee role;Victoria General Hospital employee role.

Employer based roles: U of M employee role;UMG employee role;WRHA/Shared Health employee role.

Examples of Functional roles:

Selecting your roles:

  • Click on “Roles” under the navigation tab (left had side)
  • On the Role page Open ALL of the appropriate roles for your new employee in their own tabs.

Adding your new employee to a role:

  • Edit with form
  • Under the "role holder" add your new employee
  • Save
Next Steps:
Phase II.
  • Overview, comments and feedback
  • possibly timing tracking
  • possibly prerequisite tracking


For info on how this is implemented, see Storing employee onboarding information using this wiki.

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