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Policy: On Call Scheduling For CTU Medicine
Policy Nr: Sec 03 - 02
Target Review Date: 2017-12-31
Main Stakeholder: Executive Committee


The Department of Internal Medicine manpower requirements, lack of notice to ambulatory care staff, heavy workload and last minute scheduling necessitated the department to develop a computerized scheduling system. The on-call schedule is supported by the Systems Support Analyst. The On-call Scheduler will be responsible for entering and uploading the schedule.

Overall Objectives

  1. Establish a scheduling system that will manage schedules for Medicine attending activities at the Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface Hospital, Victoria General Hospital, Grace Hospital and Concordia Hospital.
  2. Provide a schedule well in advance.
  3. Reduce scheduling conflicts with other areas by reviewing Critical Care Medicine and Respiratory Medicine schedules with the view of incorporating them into a single system.
  4. Provide a mechanism to track schedule changes that coverage is not broken and that contract guarantees are met.


  1. The official schedule will be distributed every six months, two months ahead of the scheduled period.
  2. The schedule will be finalized for a six-month block. Physician availability will be summated ten weeks ahead of time to allow two weeks to finalize the schedule before it is posted on the website: http://oncall.med.umanitoba.ca.
  3. Physicians with contract guarantees of less than ten weeks will be asked to indicate which eight weeks in a thirteen week quarter they prefer not to be available. Special consideration may be given for working predetermined specific weeks if reasons provided.
  4. Physicians with contract guarantees between eleven and seventeen weeks will be asked to indicate which six weeks in a thirteen week quarter they prefer not to be available.
  5. Physicians with more than seventeen weeks contract guarantees will be asked to indicate which four weeks in a thirteen week quarter they prefer not to be available.
  6. If a physician does not indicate which weeks they are busy at least 10 weeks prior to the next quarter, the new schedule will assume availability at any time. Once scheduled, the physician is responsible to find replacement for coverage.
  7. No one will be asked to work for any service more than five weeks in a row.
  8. The ICU and Respiratory Medicine Medicine schedules at the 10 week cut-off, prior to generating our schedules
Discuss.gif this sentence needs fixing

. Commitments made to other services prior to the Internal Medicine schedule being issued will be respected. Conflicting commitments made to other services after the schedule is issued will be the individual physician's responsibility to find a replacement.

  1. Any changes to the call schedule once finalized will require the assigned physician and the replacement physician to sign a “Change in Schedule Request” form at least 24 hours in advance and to fax the form to the Managing Director at 787-4826. A confirming memo will be sent to each physician electronically.
  2. Copies of the call schedule will be sent out electronically to each Section Head in Internal Medicine, the ICU Medical Directors, Victoria General Hospital, Grace Hospital, Seven Oaks General Hospital, Concordia Hospital, and the Administrative Assistant Critical Care at HSC. The schedule will be updated on the website: http://oncall.med.umanitoba.ca.
  3. Submission for payments will be based on the master schedule. If two physicians decide to share a block, the details of this arrangement must be e-mailed to the Managing Director to ensure payment is adjusted.
  4. Each site will be responsible for developing their own call schedules for switchboard purposes.

Medicine Program

Change in CTU Schedule Request

This will confirm that Dr. _____________________(replacement physician)

has agreed to replace Dr. ______________________(assigned physician)

on _________________________Service

at _________________________ (Site)

for the following dates:

_____________________________________ Replacement Physician

_____________________________________ Assigned Physician

Please fax to the Internal Medicine Managing Director at 787-4826

Discuss.gif Can this be copy-pasted into an email and sent instead of a fax? Would have to be done by the replacement physician since he or she will now be responsible, and having sent the email would acknowledge that. Lot easier doing it that way than having to get two signatures on a form. Ttenbergen 09:31, 22 June 2017 (CDT)
Discuss.gif Presumably it's not the Managing Director who updates the schedule. Do we ever not allow the change? If we almost always allow it, why not send it to the person who deals with the schedule instead and only CC the MD? That way MD doesn't need to do anything unless intervention is required. Ttenbergen 09:31, 22 June 2017 (CDT)

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