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Non-GFT means that the person is not a GFT. Non-GFT's are not provided with, for example, an office or furniture, see Physician Overhead.

In our paper filing systems, Non-GFT files have a green tab, GFT files a red one.

There are three types of Non-GFT's:

  1. Clinical Contract & NIL
  2. Clinical Contract
  3. NIL

The following are Non-GFTs:

Dr. Abdul-Nasser RamadanClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. AbdulRazaq SokoroNILEndocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Ada ManClinical Contract & NILRheumatology
Dr. Adarshdip BrarClinical Contract & NILRheumatology
Dr. Adrian RobertsonClinical Contract & NILCritical Care
Dr. Ali BenzaglamClinical ContractGastroenterology
Dr. Alissa LloydNILNephrology
Dr. Allan RonaldNILInfectious Diseases
Dr. Amber CogarClinical Contract & NILRheumatology
Dr. Amber JanowerClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Andrea MazuratClinical Contract & NILNephrology
Dr. Andrew BorysClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Andrew DyckClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Andrew GomoriNILNeurology
Dr. Andrew HalaykoUMFARespiratory Medicine
Dr. Anurag TrivediClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Arjuna PonnampalamClinical Contract & NILHaematology / Oncology
Dr. Arturo Tamayo-MendozaClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Atheer Al-KaabiClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Barry RicheNILNephrology
Dr. Behzad MansouriClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Beth CollinNILDermatology
Dr. Bijai JohnsonClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Brendan K. MacDougallClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Brian A. AndersonClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Brittany PerijaClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Cairistin McDougallClinical Contract & NILRheumatology
Dr. Carla OsiowyNILHepatology
Dr. Carolina AranedaClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Ceri RichardsClinical Contract & NILRheumatology
Dr. Charles PennerNILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Chris SathianathanNILNephrology
Dr. Cindy LeeClinical Contract & NILRespiratory Medicine
Dr. Cindy RichardsonNILEndocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Cory BaillieNILRheumatology
Dr. Daniel SitarNILClinical Pharmacology
Dr. David GoldenbergNILGastroenterology
Dr. David MyminNILCardiology
Dr. David PeretzClinical Contract & NILHepatology
Dr. Delfin Rodriguez LeyvaNILCardiology
Dr. Douglas HobsonNILNeurology
Dr. Duane FunkNILCritical Care
Dr. Elizabeth SalamonClinical Contract & NILEndocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Elizabeth Smith RhynoldNILGeriatric Medicine
Dr. Els deGussemClinical Contract & NILRespiratory Medicine
Dr. Eric JacobsohnNILCritical Care
Dr. Esmail AbejClinical Contract & NILGastroenterology
Dr. Evan OrlikowClinical Contract & NILRespiratory Medicine
Dr. Faisal SiddiquiNILCritical Care
Dr. Frank BovellClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Fred Y. AokiClinical Contract & NILInfectious Diseases
Dr. Galit HasdanNILGeriatric Medicine
Dr. Garry ShenUMFAEndocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Geert T'JongNILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. George BorrettClinical ContractGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. George MathewNILGastroenterology
Dr. Graham DuffClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Greg HammondClinical Contract & NILInfectious Diseases
Dr. Heather SmithNILCritical Care
Dr. Herman LamNILNephrology
Dr. Hillel SommerNILPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Ibrahim AbdelgadirClinical Contract & NILGastroenterology
Dr. Jacquelyn DirksClinical Contract & NILRespiratory Medicine
Dr. James BrasClinical Contract & NILRespiratory Medicine
Dr. Janilyn ArsenioUMFABiomedical Proteomics
Dr. Janine Leah JohnstonNILNeurology
Dr. Jean-Eric GhiaUMFAGastroenterology
Dr. Jeffrey BarnesClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Jill Keddy-GrantNILDermatology
Dr. Joe Mullonkal JoseClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Joel NkosiClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. John TooleNILDermatology
Dr. John WilkinsUMFABiomedical Proteomics
Dr. Juan RacostaClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Julia UhanovaUMFAHepatology
Dr. Justin WaltersClinical Contract & NILNephrology
Dr. Justin WongClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Karuppanchetty MuthiahNILGastroenterology
Dr. Krista RyzNILNephrology
Dr. Kulvir BadeshaClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Lana RosenfieldClinical Contract & NILAllergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Laura TargownikNILGastroenterology
Dr. Lauren GarbuttClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Lauren MacKenzieNILInfectious Diseases
Dr. Lawrence HomikNILCritical Care
Dr. Leigh Anne ShaferUMFACritical Care
Dr. Linda LarcombeUMFAInfectious Diseases
Dr. Lindsay NicolleNILInfectious Diseases
Dr. Lorne HurstNILDermatology
Dr. Louis LudwigClinical ContractGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Lourens BlomNILGeriatric Medicine
Dr. Lubna MadiClinical Contract & NILRespiratory Medicine
Dr. Maclean ThiessenClinical Contract & NILHaematology / Oncology
Dr. Mai NguyenClinical Contract & NILRheumatology
Dr. Mallory FastNILNeurology
Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteauClinical ContractGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Marielle GawrylukNILGeriatric Medicine
Dr. Marissa BeckerClinical ContractInfectious Diseases
Dr. Mark VendramelliClinical ContractGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Marni WisemanClinical Contract & NILDermatology
Dr. Marshall StitzNILPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Matthias KramerClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Michael Julian JoshuaClinical ContractGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Michael ShepsNILDermatology
Dr. Mihail GurandaClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Monica DowhanikClinical ContractGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Nancy DixonNILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Neda AnssariClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Neeloffer MookherjeeUMFABiomedical Proteomics
Dr. Neil WatkinsNILHaematology / Oncology
Dr. Nithya VenkatesanClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Oleg KrokhinUMFABiomedical Proteomics
Dr. Patrick GriffinClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Paul SheltonNILNeurology
Dr. Penina KrongoldClinical Contract & NILGastroenterology
Dr. Peter HoClinical Contract & NILAllergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Peter HughesClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Priyanka MysoreNILNephrology
Dr. Qingdong GuanNILHaematology / Oncology
Dr. Rachel DwilowClinical Contract & NILRespiratory Medicine
Dr. Ralph MacekClinical ContractGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Ramandip SinghClinical Contract & NILRheumatology
Dr. Reza VosoughiClinical Contract & NILNeurology
Dr. Richard HaydeyNILDermatology
Dr. Richard KostykNILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Robert MoutonNILDermatology
Dr. Rochelle Van De VeldeNILDermatology
Dr. Ronald GeorgeClinical ContractGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Ross FeldmanNILCardiology
Dr. Sachnida SinhaNILCardiology
Dr. Sara DunsmoreNILNephrology
Dr. Sarah HenniClinical ContractInfectious Diseases
Dr. Scott CleghornNILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Sean ArmstrongNILNephrology
Dr. Shane SilverNILDermatology
Dr. Stacy TannerClinical ContractRheumatology
Dr. Stephen GouletClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Stephen HenryNILGeriatric Medicine
Dr. Stephen KowalskiNILCritical Care
Dr. Suresh MishraUMFAEndocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Susan CuvelierClinical Contract & NILHepatology
Dr. Susan GreenClinical Contract & NILHaematology / Oncology
Dr. Sushil RatnaparkheNILNephrology
Dr. Tamar RubinNILAllergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Tarek AfifiNILDermatology
Dr. Terence WuerzClinical Contract & NILInfectious Diseases
Dr. Terry ColbourneClinical Contract & NILRespiratory Medicine
Dr. Timothy HiebertNILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Timothy McCarthyNILRheumatology
Dr. Tom LesiukClinical ContractPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Victoria TaraskaNILDermatology
Dr. Vincent WooClinical Contract & NILEndocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Vinit ElimbanClinical Contract & NILGeneral Internal Medicine
Dr. Wayne ManishenNILGastroenterology
Dr. Wlodzimierz CzarneckiClinical Contract & NILCardiology
Dr. Yan LauNILGastroenterology
Dr. Yoko SchreiberClinical Contract & NILInfectious Diseases
Dr. Yuewen GongNILHepatology

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