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This is a list of things that might need to be done with a new employee over their first few days at work. Not all will apply to all employees of course.

  • Assign an onboarding peer
  • Discuss responsibilities with Onboarding peer
  • Accompany the new hire to their workstation
  • Introduce new hire to the assigned onboarding peer, staff and team members/co-workers (or arrange a small gathering to welcome the new hire)
  • Create a list of key contacts for the new hire to meet during their 1st 90 days
  • Arrange lunch with new hire
  • Coordinate a site/office tour including:
    • Lunchroom/Lounge
    • Office supplies and storage
    • Notice boards
    • Mailroom, photocopier, fax, printer
    • Information about building access
    • Washroom facilities
    • Restricted areas, if applicable
    • Emergency exits & evacuation
    • Location of the First Aid Kit and fire extinguisher
  • explain fire/evacuation plan


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