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This is a list of things that might need to be done with a new employee over their first few days at work. Not all will apply to all employees of course. This would be preceeded and followed by other items on the New Employee Checklist.

  • Assign an onboarding peer
  • Discuss responsibilities with Onboarding peer
  • Accompany the new hire to their workstation
  • Introduce new hire to the assigned onboarding peer, staff and team members/co-workers (or arrange a small gathering to welcome the new hire)
  • Create a list of key contacts for the new hire to meet during their 1st 90 days
  • Arrange lunch with new hire
  • Coordinate a site/office tour including:
    • Lunchroom/Lounge
    • Office supplies and storage
    • Notice boards
    • Mailroom, photocopier, fax, printer
    • Information about building access
    • Washroom facilities
    • Restricted areas, if applicable
    • Emergency exits & evacuation
    • Location of the First Aid Kit and fire extinguisher
  • explain fire/evacuation plan


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