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first steps

  • possibly: Post a position (U of M diff process than WHRA)

Just before employee start date

  • Clean out desk/drawers
  • Order office supplies, Keys for offices/clinics, name plate, business cards, equipment or tools new hire will need
  • Create a list of key contacts for the new hire to meet during their 1st 90 days
  • Schedule new hire for New Support Staff Orientation, Part 1 & 2 facilitated by LDS
  • Assign an onboarding peer
  • Discuss responsibilities with Onboarding peer

Over the first few days

Confirm the new hire has submitted all HR forms such as:

  • Direct Deposit form (void cheque attached), Federal and
  • Provincial Tax forms to Payroll Services - 403 Administration Building
  • Claim employee identification card (bring photo ID) at Registrar’s Office - 400 University Centre
  • Staff Benefits (forms completed) - 180 Extended Education
  • Meet with the new hire to discuss:
  • Onboarding new hire checklist, training schedule
  • Inform new hire about New Support Staff Orientation, Part 1 & 2, facilitated by LDS

  • Coordinate system access once new hire has claimed computer ID and created UMnetID.Contact U of M Service Desk - or local LAN administrator, and check:
    • Computer, Network
  • Access to “JUMP”, “ESS”
  • Voicemail and Email set up
  • Personal and Public/shared drive
  • Additional drive access (if applicable)
  • Printer(s) access
  • Acquire building and floor access keys / ID Badge & Access (if applicable)Contact Physical Plant - 474-7088 *Keep records of same.
  • Gather reference materials (i.e. Strategic Planning Framework, updated organizational chart, contact list, campus map, voicemail instructions, job description, etc.)
  • Assign a phone extension – Contact Telecommunications office
  • Update Telephone directory, IST listserve, any additional list serve or contact lists
  • Announce the new hire’s arrival in accordance with the department’s practice (e.g. an email announcement)
  • See also: Moving furniture
Consider this article in conjunction with Creating a new hiring page!
  • This should be separated into GFT, Clinical Contract, NIL, Employee WRHA, Employee U of M, and Employee UMG. [User:tfraser1|Tfraser1]] 7:57 am 5 Dec 2017(CDT)
    • This will be addressed when each role (ie. GFT, Clinical Contract, NIL)is defined and hiring checklist are added to the role**

Just found this evil twin for this article: How to Hire a New GFT. Contract Administrator (Carmina Stolz), you might want to check out the history tab for that article, find out who wrote that, and collaborate with them. Ttenbergen 22:55, 25 August 2017 (CDT)

Materials Management

Business Administration

task signature notes
Arrange for hospital tour
Arrange a meeting with Department Head
Arrange a meeting with Section Head
Arrange a meeting with Managing Director
Arrange a meeting with Finance Manager
Arrange a meeting with Physician Services Manager
Create or update wiki page for employee

Human Resources

task signature notes
Provide UMG the Information required by UMG for new employees
Arrange for Payworks access
Criminal record check
Vulnerable sector search
Adult abuse registry check
Child abuse registry check
Direct Deposit
Resume or CV
Applicant Seniority Summary Form
UM Personal Information Form (PIF)

IT Setup

Interro-01.gif several of these are part of the ACMT (or whatever the acronym was) form that eHealth makes us use. For those parts. would it make more sense to structure the checklist around getting the systems Analyst to complete that form with the necessary items, and then following up on that form? Ttenbergen 21:59, 25 August 2017 (CDT)
task signature notes
Arrange for Network/eHealth Account
remote computer access via Unified Gateway
remote computer access via Extended Office
Arrange for email access on personal phone
Set up in Wiki
Set up in Accuro
Set up in ESign
Set up in Dictation
Set up in VENTIS
LimeSurvey CPD Tracking



are any of these combined in the general new employee orientation? Do physicians attend that? Ttenbergen 21:55, 25 August 2017 (CDT)

task signature notes
PHIA training (Mandatory)
Accessibility for Manitobans - Customer Service (Mandatory)
Corporate Orientation
Safety Course Completion
UmIntMed Wiki Users Guide
Concur Travel & Expense


task signature notes
Ordering Business Cards from UMG

  • ergonomics assessment at JBRC/HSC
  • review of emergency procedure / workplace safety

alternate checklist


Trish Ostryzniuk from CCMDB uses this as her checklist: Some of it won't be relevant to you, but maybe some is? Take a look and steal what helps. Actually, maybe give Trish a shout and see if you would benefit from making this all into one article we can share. Ttenbergen 21:47, 25 August 2017 (CDT)

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