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Information System: Microsoft Teams
Path/URL: N/A
Main Contact: Systems Analyst
WRHA / U of M Network:
Access Form: No

Microsoft Teams is a web or program based video, audio, collaboration and chat program

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Getting Microsoft Teams Installed for Virtual Clinics

  • Microsoft Teams requires Office 365, which in turn requires Windows 10. This means that if you have an Olympus device, you will have to dock somewhere else other than your PC.
  • Contact the Systems Support Analyst or Systems Analyst who will fill out the Microsoft Teams Intake Form and send it to the Shared Health Service Desk. Alternatively, you can send this in yourself here.
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Accepting an Invitation to a Microsoft Teams Meeting if you don't have Microsoft Teams Installed (eg. for research purposes, etc.)

  1. Note that the person who initiated the teams meeting MUST invite you as a guest first. Send them [instructions].
  2. You click on the invitation, and you would choose to join by installing an application or joining via your browser. It is recommended you join via your browser.

Removing access to Microsoft Teams

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