Managing survey administrators in Limesurvey

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This page explains how to manage survey administrators in LimeSurvey CPD Tracking as part of CPD Tracking. There is a separate page about Managing participants in LimeSurvey.

Preliminary and related

  • Interro-01.gif Question for department, e.g. Suzanne Doyle and/or Tom Fraser. Need to find out how to best trigger this as part of hiring. Will email both of them.
  • When a user is given access to LimeSurvey they should also be given access to the CPD Tracking drive


  1. Click on “Configuration” (top rightish menu), then on “Manage Survey Administrators”
  2. Click on “Add user” (Top left)
  3. Enter Username, Email and Full name into the corresponding blank fields:
  4. Click on “Save”
  5. If the user was successfully created an "Add user - Success" message will show up next.
  6. Click on "Set user permissions"
  7. Check the checkboxes for “Central participant database” and “Surveys”. Leave “Use internal database authentication” checked.
    1. No need to share the entire Participant Database to the newly created user since all the participants have been set to be shared to all.

Interro-01.gif Herman, you have a triggered query set up to add ownership of all surveys to each new participant. Is that still a thing in the new version? If so, could you add a sentence or to re. how this is done here? Or, if you already have that documented on SRG wiki, pls no need to duplicate it.

    • I created a trigger to add every participant to every survey administrator. So every time someone adds a new participant the query is executed and the new participant is set to be shared to everybody.

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