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This page describes how to manage participants in LimeSurvey CPD Tracking as part of CPD Tracking. There is a separate page about Managing survey administrators in Limesurvey.


The participant list is a list shared by the department to send invites. Most physicians will already be on this list, but you may need to add nurses, administrators, physicians from other departments, etc. Do not add Pharma reps to this list, they should not be invited to any accredited events as per department policy. Interro-01.gif which policy is this, we should link it.

Managing participants

Most physicians are already in the participant list in LimeSurvey. Some education coordinators also invite non-physician participants. These can be added manually or imported in bulk.

Including yourself as a participant

As a CPD Coordinator, it is a good idea to include yourself as a participant for any surveys you send out. This allows you to confirm that the email did go out, and that it looked as it needs to. Including yourself will not harm the system.

Adding participants

  1. Please email Herman Aubel ( to add new participants.

If you have many participants to add, you may consider importing participants. If you only need to add a few then:

  1. Click Interro-01.gif what? on the top left to go back to the root of the program and then click .
  2. Once in the Central Participant Management make sure the participant you want has not already been added; type the person’s first or last name, whichever is less common, using its corresponding box and the press the enter key on your keyboard:
  3. If you need to correct an entry, click on the “Edit this participant” button to the left of the entry.
  4. If you did not find the participant, click on “Add new participant”
  5. Fill out all the required info, at least First Name, Last Name and E-mail
  6. Also enter the options for the user in the Custom Attributes area, usually “Y”.
  7. Click to save the new participant.
  8. Share the participant with all users so your colleagues can add attributes and fix the email address:
    1. Look up the participant that you just added (See step 2)
    2. Click on the “Share this participant” button which is located to the left of the participant entry.
    3. From the dropdown menu select “Share with all users” and click on the button to the right of “Other users may edit this participant” so it changes into “Yes”. Lastly click on “Share” to save the changes.

Interro-01.gif Right now only d5ru4p and Tina are able to create new participants in the CPDB. I asked the Survey Administrators to send me an email if they need to create someone that way I can check for duplicates. Once the new entry has been created, the Survey Admins can edit it but not delete it.

Removing participants

Do not delete participants. We may need to stop sending future invites to participants. However, we may already have answers for that participant, which we would need to report at the end of the year. So, do not delete participants! To stop sending invites, edit their custom attributes and take out the letters for any sessions for which the participant should no longer receive invites. Interro-01.gif this might need extra steps described here.

Changing email addresses for participants

Interro-01.gif Herman, I think it would work to just edit the participant entry, is that right? Not sure, especially in the new version of LimeSurvey. User:Ttenbergen 13:48, 21 December 2018 (CST)

  • Yes, Survey Admins can edit the email address as long as it's not a duplicate I believe.

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