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Policy: MBTelehealth Access Policy & Procedure
Policy Nr: Sec 10 - 02
Target Review Date: 2019-08-29
Main Stakeholder: Managing Director


The Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Manitoba provides MBTelehealth conference facilities at the Health Sciences Centre, Grace Hospital, Victoria General Hospital and the St. Boniface Hospital for educational and administrative purposes. Clinical applications (eg. physician using Telehealth with a rural patient) may also be considered, subject to availability and resources.


Access to the Department of Internal Medicine Telehealth equipment will be centralized through the MBTelehealth Medicine Site Coordinator (Natasha Passante) at Health Sciences Centre.

Priority will be given as follows:

  1. Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Programs
  2. Internal Medicine Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education Program Requirements
  3. Internal Medicine Sub-specialty Postgraduate and Undergraduate Education Requirements
  4. Medicine and Critical Care Medicine Program Administrative Meetings
  5. Executive Requests at Health Sciences Centre, Grace Hospital, St. Boniface Hospital and Victoria General Hospital
  6. Other program requests


  • All requests for access to the Department of Internal Medicine Telehealth equipment will be directed to the designated MBTelehealth Medicine Site Coordinator at Health Sciences Centre a minimum of 48 hours in advance of request.
  • The MBTelehealth Medicine Site Coordinator will confirm room availability at each site, prepare and forward the Non-Clinical Booking form for Telehealth and discuss with coordinators at each site.
  • Confirmation will be sent to the requestor via e-mail.

Equipment and Room Set-Up

  • The MBTelehealth Medicine Site Coordinator for each site will ensure room set-up, including set-up of laptop and/or projector, and operating sheet is available for the requestor.
  • The requestor will need to complete the sign-out sheet for the remote control, laptop and projector. The remote control, laptop and projector are to be returned to the MBTelehealth Medicine Site Coordinator.


The Department of Internal Medicine will invoice other programs as follows:

Regular Hours

08:00-17:00 CST

After Hours

Additional Charges if applicable

In Province Canada Site




Education $50/hr/site $60/hr/site $50/hr/site $50/hr/site
Other $100/hr/site $150/hr/site $100/hr/site $150/hr/site

No charges will apply for Internal Medicine and its subspecialty training programs, Medicine and Critical Care Administrative meetings and requests from the hospital’s executive.

Late Fees

Failure to return remote control within 1 hour to MBTelehealth Medicine Site Coordinator (by 07:30 next morning for after hours sessions) will result in late fees of $150 per each 24-hour period.

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