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Telehealth is a clinical and educational video conferencing tool supported by Digital Health. There are over 140 MBTelehealth sites in Manitoba.

The department has some sites listed under MBTelehealth facilities at HSC which can be booked as per the MBTelehealth Access Policy & Procedure, coordinated by MBTelehealth Medicine Site Coordinator.

Discuss.gif suspect that's not even strictly true... not all of those would be ours
Discuss.gif Do we really want all booked by MBTelehealth Medicine Site Coordinator? Is the MBTelehealth Access Policy & Procedure really applicable for all rooms or just the GC434 one?
Discuss.gif Natasha sent me a scan of a message from MBTelehealh from Jan 2019 about some changes. It doesn't make sense to upload a note about changes when we don't have processes they apply to. Currently many of our secretaries schedule Telehealth sessions to which this all would apply, but do they all go through Natasha? Should they?
Discuss.gif There are many resources on http://www.mbtelehealth.ca; should we just provide a direct link to appropriate ones, maybe amended with specifics about how our department wants to do this?

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