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Wherever a concept is mentioned for which an article exists, make those words into a link.

How to make a link

  • find the article name (probably best in with a search in a new tab)
  • copy the actual name, since the wiki is picky about spelling
  • replace the word/s for the concept with the article name
    • For example, if it says General Internal Medicine, and it is referring to the section of, then change that to
      [[General Internal Medicine]]
    • if the text you need is different from the article name, you can make the link like this:
      • [[General Internal Medicine | our section]]
      • will show as our section

Links to documents and images

Once you upload a file with "upload file", you can link to it as follows:

  • link to show the file (e.g. for an image):
    • [[file:name of the file.jpg]]
  • link to download the file (e.g. for a form or excel sheet):
    • [[media:name of the file.jpg]]

Why to make links

Links are really important since it builds that internal structure of the wiki that allows us to find things and to understand how things are related to each other.

Most articles have a "Related articles" section at the bottom that automatically updates with all articles linking to that article. This is driven by, and can be accesed through the "What links here" in the toolbar on the left.

Links to existing articles (show as blue) allow concept finding from the target article by clicking on "What links here" in the toolbar on the left.

Links to non-existing articles (show as red) allow for finding articles that we still need to create. See left tool panel, Special:SpecialPages, Special:WantedPages.

For any article you can see what links to it by clicking on the What links here under tools on the left. As long as links are created whenever possible, you can find all other articles related to the current one with that link. This is helpful to find out what other things will be affected by any changes you will make to an article.

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