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This page is an "evil twin" of Sending out a survey in LimeSurvey. Please integrate the info there. We can then re-direct from this page to there. User:Ttenbergen 14:37, 2020 September 29 (CDT)

  • Step 1:
    • Click the drop down option beside the Surveys icon on the top right of the window and choose Copy a survey
  • Step 2:
    • Find the last Section of Geriatric Medicine survey that you have created under the "Select a survey to copy:"
    • Input the new survey title Section of Geriatric Medicine Rounds - [Date: yyy-mm-dd] - "Title of Presentation" - (1hr)
    • Click Copy Survey
  • Step 3:
    • Click Go to Survey
  • Step 4:
    • Click Activate this Survey button
  • Step 5:
    • Click Save & activate survey
    • Click No, thanks button after
  • Step 6:
    • Go to General settings located at the left side of the screen under the Overview icon and click Publication & access
    • Choose Start date/time and Expiry date/time of the survey that you're creating. (Start date on a Tuesday - Expiry date on a Sunday)
    • Click green Save button at the top right of the screen
  • Step 6:
    • Click the Survey Participants button on the left side of the screen under Survey menu
    • Initialise participant table
    • Press Continue
    • Click View in CPDB button on top
    • Look for the name of your Section and type the letter "R" on the box under it
    • Once the all the name of the participants in your section shows up, check off the box beside the Action button
    • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and click Selected Participant(s) button and Add participants to survey
    • Look for the name of the survey that you just created (It's usually the last on the list) and click Next
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and press Continue and hit Close
  • Step 7:
    • Return to the Main Page and click your Last visited survey
    • Press the Survey Participants tab
    • Click on Generate tokens tab
    • Click Yes
    • Click Ok
  • Step 8:
    • Click the Invitations & Reminders tab on top
    • Click Send email invitation
    • Edit and update all the info on the message box (Site/Room, Time, Speaker, Topic, Educational Objectives)
    • Send Invitations
    • Click Close at the top right side of the window