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Information System Info
Information System: Learning Management System (LMS)
Path/URL: https://sharedhealthmb.learnflex.net/include/login.asp?
Main Contact: Shared Health Service Desk
WRHA / U of M Network:
Access Form: No

Learning Management System (LMS) is the Digital Health e-learning app

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Setting up Learning Management System (LMS)

Mandatory sessions

Discuss.gif I hear from CCMDB that "Fire Safety Code Red" is also mandatory now. Is that just for nurses?

EPR Training for Doctors/Residents/Others

To obtain EPR training please login to the link in the upper right hand corner of the screen (under PathURL) (if you don't have an account, register for an account on the page). If you have issues with registration call the Digital Health Servicedesk at 204-940-8500. Once you are logged in search for EPR. Note that there is an Intro to EPR course which one should take. The others one could take depending on their role.

Getting access to Learning Management System (LMS)

Individuals who have an Digital Health network account (including but not limited to all WRHA/Shared health employees) can obtain access to Learning Management System (LMS).

Make sure user has an Digital Health account. If they don't, see Filling in User Information on ACMT Form. Then, they would go to: https://manitoba-ehealth.learnflex.net and register. If they have problems registering, get them to contact the Shared Health Service Desk.

Removing access to Learning Management System (LMS)

Access is removed when you terminate the users account. You cannot terminate a Learning Management System (LMS) account as the user could just re-create it if they have an Digital Health account.

This is one of our Onboarding tasks
Task timeframe post-arrival

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