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Contact Info (edit)
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Name: Kym Morris
Appointment Type: UMG
Address: SMD Room 340 - 825 Sherbrook Street

Description Number
office +204 391 2047



Kym is the manager of the Service Redesign Team. She is a support contact for

garden party

The following Accuro category pages have questions:

The following Service Redesign Team category pages have questions:

Or, there is always just the questions category in general: Category:Questions

Roles / Awards / Committees

Person holds the following roles:


List of publications on pubmed

Info Systems

InfoSystem AdditionalSetupInfo role
Accuro EMR Administrator Service Redesign Manager

File Shares

FileShare role FileSharePath
Managers drive Service Redesign Manager \\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\INTMED_ADMIN_DEPT_MANAGERS
Shared drive Service Redesign Manager \\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\_INTMED_ADMIN_SHARED
SRG Y drive Service Redesign Manager \\REG1MSFP0037\med_KWALITY


OnboardingProcess role timeframe
Child abuse registry check Every employee role Pre-hire
Creating a new person page Every employee role Pre-hire
Criminal record check Every employee role Pre-hire
Federal and Provincial Tax forms Every employee role Pre-hire
Fire plan Every employee role Post-arrival
Getting a new person started on the wiki Every employee role Post-arrival
How to update your information in the phone directory Every employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
New employee Onboarding email template Every employee role Post-hire-pre-arrive
Vulnerable sector search Every employee role Pre-hire

Hidden roles

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