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Procedure in the Event of a Medical Emergency

  1. Make sure the situation is safe
  2. Determine if the person is responsive
  3. Call for assistance in the immediate area, then dial 555 if you are calling from any university phone. #555 from cell phones and 204-474-9341 from all other phones. Report the nature of the emergency and type of assistance required to Campus Police. They will call 911and arrange to escort the emergency services to your location.
  4. Only then, render first aid and resuscitation if necessary.
  5. If required, the portable oxygen cylinder and attached suction device (with the appropriate basket of adult support devices) can be obtained from the Shared Equipment Room 817B. This door is marked to indicate the location of these supplies. Resuscitation equipment should only be used by medical or nursing staff trained in advanced life-support techniques.
  6. The Floor Manager MUST be notified of all medical emergencies within one working day via email, or in person.
Discuss.gif Who is the floor manager and how would one contact them? User:Ttenbergen 18:12, 3 October 2018 (CDT)
  1. The Floor Manager MUST be notified of the use of any of the above-mentioned emergency supplies within one working day to ensure that prompt restocking occurs.
  • Do these instructions come from a U of M source or from HSC Research? I either case, is there a link to an "official version"?
  • Floor 7 & 8 are managed by HSC Research Dept, as these floors in JBRC and owned by HSC Foundation and Managed by the HSC research department.

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