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In any of this process, the Guidelines for accepting Internationally (Visa) Sponosred_Trainees need to be followed.

  • above link is broken.

1. Inform PGME before March 1st that we are accepting Visa trainee applicants. Review the document "Application Process Overview Internationally (Visa) Sponsored Applicant" – found in:

 #1. Procedure binder 
 #2. PGME website – search for document name  
 #3. PGME sends in email
  • English proficiency requirement – ISLETS ( Min 7 in all)
  • Exemption: Undergrad and all Medical school training in English, require letter from Dean of International school

2. Embassies apply to PGME on behalf of applicants (open and closing dates for application with PGME ) Deadline July 15 ish.

3. PGME prepares applicant files and sends to Internal Medicine Program Administrator

4. We define interview dates (take note of the Internal offer dates which will have been determined at the spring CAIMPD/PA meeting – October 9 time frame typically).

5. Book rooms for interviews, 20 minute time frame each; GC434 usually.

 : We also used the library study rooms 2018.

6. Need Faculty interviewers – two PD’s, One Chief typically

7. Need resident orientation/ tour – Previous or current Visa trainee possibly

8. Prepare files – look through for ISLET scores (Min 7 in each category), NAC scores, MCCEE – prepare in spreadsheet for PD’s

9. Copy files onto USB for PD’s – give with spreadsheet of applicant summary

10. PD’s give PA list of applicants to invite for interviews

11. Prepare letters for Embassies

 a. Requesting interviews ( send names together in a spreadsheet list with Interview time)
 b. Not selected to Interview   (send names together in a spreadsheet list)

Find in U: Drive > My Document > Visa applicants > Applicants for most recent year) Use as a template

  • Send invite Letters to Embassy
  • cc letters/invites to

Note: See Visa Application contact list for Bureaus in my procedure Binder under VISA or on PGME website for most current contact info (they typically send this info in the summer also).

Give plenty of notice but below are some examples of minimum time required for the Embassy/ applicant to prepare for travel. Typically these residents are travelling across Canada for interviews so they are planning for travel.

Common Country applicant processing time:

  • Saudi Arabia : 20 days
  • Kuwait : 21 days
  • Oman and Qatar : 28 days

We allowed for two Skype interviews 2018 due to the shortage of Visa applicants (Saudi political crisis). One we held in the study room at Neil Maclean Library (Wifi connection was good) – process went well. 2nd was in GC 434 – Wifi was patchy at first, then resolved.

Interview day For the interview day

  • Order some food, vegetarian options (HSC Catering) – sample order in my procedure Binder
  • They typically aren’t hungry so keep it light.

PA Role

Day of:

  • Meet the applicants, introduce the orientation resident.
  • Set up the interview room with schedules/assessment forms/ paper/pens/ water/ coffee
  • Computer - if any Skype interviews

After interviews completed, PD’s will give Rank Order List (ROL) to PA .

Prepare ROL and send to ARETS committee (copy email to

Ask for reply from ARETS before offer date – see sample letter (binder and U Drive, Visa applicants, under last year)

Prepare letters of Offer for applicants

On Offer date, send the first 2 offers, 72 hour turnaround time to send next offer out, if offer is declined.

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