Internal Medicine Leadership Continuity

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In these unprecedented times, it is important that a clear chain of leadership is maintained.

This list provides the Leadership Continuity plan should any of the Department’s leadership be unavailable.

Those chosen to fill in would take on the responsibility, the accountability and the authority to act, should that be required.

Position Holder Deputy
Department Head Dr. Eberhard Renner Dr. Christine Peschken
Dr. Ken Van Ameyde *adviser GIM inpatient issues
Associate Head - Clinical Services Dr. Nick Hajidiacos
Associate Head - Diversity and Professionalism Dr. Jillian Horton
Associate Head - Education Dr. Pam Orr Dr. Carmen Hurd
Associate Head - Research Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy
Managing Director Dale Gustafson Tracey Burton
Finance Manager Tamara Cipriano Dale Gustafson
Accuro Clinic Support Team Manager Kym Morris
Program Administrator Manager Suzanne Doyle Tracey Burton
Section Head - Allergy and Clinical Immunology Dr. Christine Peschken
Section Head - Biomedical Proteomics Dr. John Wilkins
Section Head - Cardiology Dr. Davinder Jassal
Section Head - Critical Care Dr. Bojan Paunovic
Dr. Allan Garland
Section Head - Dermatology Dr. Marni Wiseman
Section Head - Endocrinology / Metabolism Dr. Pamela Katz
Section Head - Gastroenterology Dr. Donald Duerksen
Section Head - General Internal Medicine Dr. Patrick Griffin
Dr. Ken Van Ameyde
Section Head - Geriatric Medicine Dr. Philip St. John Dr. David Strang
Section Head - Haematology / Oncology Dr. Leonard Minuk
Section Head - Hepatology Dr. Eberhard Renner
Section Head - Infectious Diseases Dr. Kelly MacDonald
Section Head - Nephrology Dr. Joe Bueti
Section Head - Neurology Dr. Brian Schmidt
Dr. Dan Roberts
Section Head - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dr. Ryan Skrabek
Section Head - Respiratory Medicine Dr. Martha Ainslie
Section Head - Rheumatology Dr. Christine Peschken