Inter-hospital Transfer for WRHA Medicine Program

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Policy: Inter-hospital Transfer for WRHA Medicine Program
Policy Nr: Sec 03 - 06
Target Review Date: 2017-12-31
Main Stakeholder:


The objective of this policy is to facilitate patient access to Medicine Program beds for admitting Medical patients waiting in Emergency departments whose access to the general medical bed is delayed due to full occupancy at the receiving hospital and where appropriate WRHA Medicine Program beds are available at another Winnipeg hospital. The policy is also intended to facilitate transfer of WRHA Medicine Program patients from community hospital units to tertiary care units when required.

Operating Principles

  1. Participating institutions will include the four Winnipeg hospitals that have WRHA Medicine Program beds.
  2. It is the responsibility of the hospital Bed Coordinator/Patient Flow and Support to pursue inter-facility transfer when admitted patients are facing anticipated delays of greater than eight hours in accessing a Medicine ward bed.
  3. It is the responsibility of the bed doctor to inform the three other hospitals when the number of empty Medicine beds exceeds the number of admitted patients in Emergency by four or more.
  4. Patients selected for transfer to a community hospital bed will be those with acute medical illnesses who are not anticipated to require paneling for long-term placement.
  5. All transactions will be initiated and completed by direct communication between bed doctors. Once an available bed is identified and committed by the bed doctor in the receiving institution, the bed doctor from the sending institution will contact the receiving attending physician to hand over the patient.
  6. The Medicine Team at the transferring institution will ensure that adequate documentation including a detailed admission note and available results of investigations are transferred with the patient.

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