Infectious Diseases

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Section Head - Infectious Diseases Dr. Kelly MacDonald
Postgraduate Program Director - Infectious Diseases Dr. Evelyn Lo
Program Secretary - Infectious Diseases Sheila Ang
Program Administrator - Infectious Diseases Cidalia Hodnett

The Section of Infectious Diseases runs the Infectious Diseases Subspecialty Education Program. The section has 8 GFT and 7 non-GFT physicians and 1 PhD researchers.

The Section of Infectious Diseases of the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Manitoba focuses on patient care, educational, basic and clinical research activities. Adult Infectious Diseases specialists provide inpatient and outpatient care consultation primarily at Health Sciences Centre and Saint Boniface Hospital. ID specialists also oversee the Community IV Antibiotic Clinics as well as other hospitals in Winnipeg, throughout Manitoba, Northern Ontario and Nunavut. Research areas of active interest in the Section of Infectious Diseases include: HIV/AIDS vaccine design epidemiology and pathogenesis, with a global health focus; Nosocomial infections; Antibacterial resistance; Urinary tract infections; Emerging infectious diseases, and Indigenous health and community based HIV prevention.

The Subspecialty Training Program in the Infectious Diseases at the University of Manitoba offers a two year training period. The fellowship program usually admits 1 to 2 fellows per year who train closely with Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellows and Medical Microbiology Residents. Opportunities for joint training in Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology are available.

Section Members

Full Name Last Name Rank ApptType Phone(s)
Brenda Desrosiers Desrosiers
  • 204-787-4826 (fax)
  • 204-787-7029 (office)
Cidalia Hodnett Hodnett N/A
  • 204-975-7746 (fax)
  • 204-480-1326 (office)
Dr. Allan Ronald Ronald Emeritus Professor NIL
  • 204-233-7125 (fax)
  • 204-237-2948 (office)
Dr. Andrew Walkty Walkty Assistant Professor GFT
  • 204-787-4696 (fax)
  • 204-787-1161 (office)
Dr. Bruce Light Light Professor GFT
Dr. Catherine Smith Smith Assistant Professor GFT
  • 204-233-0086 (fax)
  • 204-938-5417 (office)
Dr. Evelyn Lo Lo Assistant Professor GFT
  • 204-233-7125 (fax)
  • 204-237-2948 (office)
Dr. Fred Y. Aoki Aoki Professor Clinical Contract & NIL
  • 204-789-3926 (fax)
  • 204-977-5681 (office)
Dr. Greg Hammond Hammond Professor Clinical Contract & NIL
Dr. John Embil Embil Professor GFT
  • 204-787-4654 (office)
Dr. Kelly MacDonald MacDonald Professor GFT
  • 204-789-3926 (fax)
  • 204-977-5681 (office)
Dr. Lauren MacKenzie MacKenzie Assistant Professor NIL
Dr. Linda Larcombe Larcombe Associate Professor UMFA
Dr. Lindsay Nicolle Nicolle Emeritus Professor NIL
  • 204-787-4826 (fax)
  • 204-787-7029 (office)
Dr. Marissa Becker Becker Associate Professor Clinical Contract
  • 204-787-3893 (Clinic Fax)
  • 204-787-2287 (Clinic Phone Number)
Dr. Pam Orr Orr Professor GFT
  • 204-787-4826 (fax)
  • 204-787-7029 (office)
Dr. Terence Wuerz Wuerz Assistant Professor Clinical Contract & NIL
Dr. Yoav Keynan Keynan Assistant Professor GFT
  • 204-787-3893 (clinic fax)
  • 204-789-3926 (fax)
  • 204-977-5681 (office)
Kim Armitt Armitt
  • 204-787-1406 (fax)
  • 204-787-2254 (office)
Monica Preteau Gabidon
  • 204-233-7125 (fax)
  • 204-237-2948 (office)
Sheila Ang Ang
  • 204-789-3926 (fax)
  • 204-977-5681 (office)

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