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Information System Info
Information System: IMPAX
Main Contact: Shared Health Service Desk
WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA
Access Form: true

Software used to view medical images on AGFA PACS

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What is IMPAX

IMPAX is a Program which is available only on Digital Health Managed Computers which are on the Digital Health network or Remote Access to Shared Health Network - Managed (Digital Health Managed Laptop) computer experience laptops. It has more features than DI Viewer and most Physicians prefer it over DI Viewer.

Getting IMPAX Installed on a Computer

To have IMPAX installed on a PC, you would send an email to the Systems Analyst. If the Systems Analyst is unavailable, send the PC name to the Servicedesk, along with the physician's name. You may get a form back, or be asked to justify the install. The justification must be clinically based, eg. the individual is in Section X and they need access because (put what is applicable):

  1. they attend on the MICU/ICU;
  2. their office is far away from the clinic;
  3. they are doing call.

Always ask for spoke picker to be installed.

Getting Access to IMPAX


Removing Access from PACS


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