How to prepare a payment without an invoice

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This page explains how to prepare a payment to be processed through UMG without an invoice, following the Payables policy.

Payments without an invoice would include such things as; reimbursements to physicians or staff members and payments to HSC accounts or U of M funds.

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  • Review the receipt to ensure is it for Department of Internal Medicine and appropriate for payment from overhead at UMG.
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  • Open the folder YYYY Cheque Reqs found on the finance drive/UMG/Cheque Requisitions
  • Search the existing list for a previous expense to the same person/vendor and open. If no previous expense exists, open another one and change the information the same as below.
  • Enter the new cheque requisition number from the payables folder list.
  • Enter today's date
  • Review and edit, if necessary, the "issue a cheque to" and the routing instructions areas.
  • Review and edit, if necessary, the account code, amount, and description
  • Ensure the month the expense applies to is entered in the description
  • If the payment is a reimbursement of expenses, ensure the word "Reimbursement" is at the beginning of the description.
  • Confirm the total is adding correctly
  • Ensure there are signing lines for yourself as the person who prepared it, and the Finance Manager
  • Save As - the cheque requisition is saved in the same file you opened it from (YYYY Cheque Reqs) with the new requisition number, name, brief expense description, and period it applies to.
  • Print and sign the cheque requisition.
  • Open the document called Checklists (yyyy) found on the finance drive/UMG/Month End/YYY
  • Search the list to find the applicable expense. You can search by vendor, name of staff person the invoice is applicable to, etc. If the search does not provide the appropriate expense, it may not be a regular expense. This list is for regularly monthly expenses. If it is not on the list there is nothing more for you to do on the spreadsheet.
    • If it is on the list, on the right hand side of the spreadsheet enter a check mark (lower case b) in the corresponding month of the invoice to indicate that you received and paid the invoice. This helps track if we are missing regular invoices so we can follow-up and keep our monthly financial statements accurate.
  • Payments can only be processed if signed by the Finance Manager or Managing Director. Invoices are given to the Finance Manager for signature. The Managing Director signs if the amount exceeds the authorized amount for the Finance Manager or if the Finance Manager is away.

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