How to courier a letter or package

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This page explains the process of sending items by courier for the department.

Permission to courier

  • To eliminate unnecessary charges and to allow the manager to reconcile their operating cost centre budgets, staff must have permission to courier packages.


  • Gather the info you will need to know:
    • type of package you are sending, i.e. an envelope (size).
    • address of where it's going.
    • name of whom the letter/package is for.
    • phone number of individual is optional but preferred if you have it.
    • where it's being picked up from, e.g. Street and office

Ordering the courier

Shared Health - HSC

  • The service we use for all areas is Purolator. You can obtain their contact and account informationProgram Secretary - General Internal Medicine Natasha Passante. for patient/clinical send outs, the section cost centre should be used as the reference number - this should not be charged to the department.
Discuss.gif If research related, how to we charge the SPA?

U of M

Getting package ready for pickup

  • On a post-it note, write the courier service name and pick-up, along with the order number received in the previous step and place it on the letter or package.

Recipient in secure area

  • I have sent packages to the Business Administrator's desk in the past because couriers have difficulty delivering to the secure area where my desk is. Do we want to mention that here, have a different suggestions, or not say at all?

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