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This article describes how to obtain pagers. Pagers are needed for GFT physicians and residents. Pagers are subject to the Portable Electronic Device Policy.

See also: How to cancel a pager.

Process for Ordering Physician Pagers

Pagers are ordered by the Systems Analyst or the Physician Services Manager for physicians or the Program Administrator for residents. The form for a pager is located at

Always order the least expensive pager which is the numeric pager. Once the form is signed, email it to the Servicedesk (in the WRHA Outlook Global Address Book).

Pagers arrive one or two business days after they are ordered.

Process for Ordering Resident Pagers

Pagers for home program resident are supplied by the PGME Office, at no cost the Department, and are supplied to the resident at PGME registration time.

Pagers for out of province elective residents are supplied by the program's Program Administrator - see Elective Resident process: PGME_Out_of_Province_Elective_Rotation_Process Interro-01.gif not UGME Out of Province Elective Process? To what degree are those twins? User:Ttenbergen 16:43, 15 August 2018 (CDT)

Register the pager with [[HSC]] Paging

See [[Registering a physician or resident with HSC Paging]].

Special instructions for Out-of-province Medical Elective Resident

  • The form can be used for out-of-province elective residents, information to be listed as per the sample.

Complete the Pager Request Form and submit to EHealth Services.

  1. see a completed sample: Media: SAMPLE - Pager_Request_Form.pdf
  2. This form is to be approved by the Managing Director. Cost Centre is 10400162
  3. There is no cost to the Department for pagers for Out-of-province Medical Elective Residents.

Cancelling and returning a pager

See How to cancel a pager

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