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This article explains how to advertise to hire people.


U of M Physician Recruitment Posting

Further information is available from

You must first have the position approved by obtaining a WRHA position number and a University of Manitoba position number. This is the Request to Recruit (R2R) process. Interro-01.gif need to add /link to wrha --User:Dgustafson2 15:22, 2018 September 26 (CDT)

Where to Advertise?

The Section Head will recommend the the Managing Director academic journals, websites etc. the advertisement should be included - and whether the advertisement should be online or in print. At a minimum the University requires advertising on UM Careers, UM Today, CAUT and University Affairs.

Writing the Advertisement

The University uses standard copy for advertisements which can not be changed. Some space is reserved for specific position information,describing the position and the type of candidate being sought. This is provided by the Section Heads. Once complete, send to the Contract Administrator.

Approving the Advertisement

  1. The Contract Administrator along will the Managing Director and the Chair of the Search Committee will review the copy.
  2. The Contract Administrator will send the advertisement for approval to Physician Recruitment Coordinator (WRHA) by email: ____________________ for approval. Interro-01.gif who is this? --User:Dgustafson2 15:04, 2018 September 26 (CDT)
  3. Physician Recruitment Coordinator (WRHA) will email you once the advertisement is approved.

Once approval of the advertisement is received from the WRHA, follow the UofM process located here

  1. The Contract Administrator will complete the U of M Advertising Form and submit to along with a copy of the draft advertisement and email from Physician Recruitment Coordinator (WRHA) approving the advertisement.
  2. UM Careers provides Adworks with the information to post the position in the various journals.
  3. Adworks will email the Contract Administrator with a quote.
  4. The Contract Administrator emails the Financial Analyst to prepare a Purchase Order through EPIC.
  5. The Managing Director will approve the Purchase Order in EPIC and a copy is sent to the Contract Administrator by the Financial Analyst.
  6. The Contract Administrator sends the approved Purchase Order to Adworks. Adworks will then post the position.

IMPORTANT: Departments are responsible to monitor all publications for actual placement and MUST retain printed proof of ads for your records. UofM HR will not retain printed proof of the ad. For CAUT, University Affairs, UM Today, and UM Careers, we need a print out that shows the start and end date of the posting. You need screen shots with dates, proving that the ad was published for 30 days. Copies of payment via EPIC are not accepted.

Interro-01.gif Several articles and conversations I have had with people in the department mention advertising positions. I have linked the articles here and started this as a place to put the info. Now I need input from people who actually know how to do this!

There might be differences in how we advertise for physicians vs eg administrative. Is there more overlap or more difference. If more overlap lets do both here and just split out as necessary. If more difference, let's have second article.

Interro-01.gif Contingent to Tenure Track for PhD Scientists says there are rules for UMFA hires... should probably have a link to that here. Are there similarly written rules for others? Ttenbergen 13:22, 20 September 2017 (CDT)

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