How to Send a Distribution List in Outlook 2010

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  1. Open Outlook and create a new email message; type the person you are sending it TO, and put a subject in the email;
  2. At the top, look for "Attach Item" and select Outlook Item and then click on Contacts
  3. Find the distribution list you want to send. Click on it. Make sure attachment is selected (not text) and click okay.

public distribution lists

Interro-01.gif Another option might be public distribution lists. Advantage would be that they would only need to be updated centrally, rather than by every recipient of the list They only work for eHealth email addresses, though. Mind you... we have discussed that we might want to more strongly discourage yahoo etc accounts.

wiki based distribution lists

Interro-01.gif Distribution lists based on wiki queries would be another option. Something like:

Send an email to:,,,,,,,,,

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