How to Order a Printer for the WRHA Network

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This article is intended to explain the process by which the Systems Support Analyst or Systems Analyst orders a printer for the WRHA Network. See How to Order a Printer for the U of M Network for the corresponding U of M process.


  1. Find out from the requester or their associated manager:
    1. if a U of M or WRHA account is being used for the purchase, this will be required later.
    2. If the printer is in addition to the printer stock at WRHA or is a replacement of an existing printer (Replace or Refresh).
  2. Go to (site available only internally) and download and read the printer guidelines
  3. Email to obtain pre-approval. You must indicate whether this printer is replacing an existing printer or is an addition to the stock of printers at WRHA. You must also indicate whether this will be a networked printer or a standalone printer (standalone printer will be attached to a computer, and not networked).
  4. You may be asked to fill out a WRHA print request form which is available at
  5. If approved, you will either:
    1. Purchase a new printer. If a WRHA account is being used, you would do this through SAP. If a U of M account is being used, you would do this through EPIC.
    2. Be given a used printer. Note to ask for shipping costs prior to doing this.
  6. Operating costs per page are paid on network printers and cover paper, toner, and warranty. If a WRHA account is being used, this would be given to Integrated Print Management Group (IPMG) at the email address above. If a U of M account is being used (or UMG funds), you would ask the Finance Manager which cost centre to charge this to and these costs would be manually invoiced by WRHA and paid by UMG.

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