How to Order a Printer for the U of M Network

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All printer orders in the Department must go through the Systems Support Analyst or Systems Analyst. This article documents the process they use to order a printer.


  1. Find out from the requester or their associated manager if a U of M or WRHA account is being used for the purchase, this will be required later.
  2. The IT Procurement Centre (ITPC) in U of M Purchasing supports and manages the process of all IT-related purchases, including printers, copiers and faxes.
  3. Email with the following details:
    1. Is there a U of M networked printer nearby
    2. Will this be a standalone or networked printer
    3. Is a fax/scanner/printer required (also called an all in one unit)
  4. The ITPC designate will email you back with a form to fill out
  5. When emailing the form back, please ensure to explain the situation in the area. Eg. That you don't have a U of M FOAP for operating costs; that there is a mixture of HSC/WRHA/UMG/U of M people in the area, etc.
  6. If you receive an approval to proceed, you must purchase from the vendor the U of M currently has a contract with. Follow the instructions below depending on funding source:
    1. U of M. You would use EPIC and attach the approval email to the requisition. On the requisition, under comment, click on "visible to supplier," and put "this is not an operating account therefore we don't want a contract."
    2. HSC/WRHA. You must fill in the form located [here] (internal link only) called "HSC Hardware/Software form." On the form you must put "this device will not be attached to the HSC/WRHA network." Follows the instructions on the form, then, once you receive it back from Digital Health, put the purchase through SAP. Make sure to attach the approval from Digital Health to the requisition.

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