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This article describes how to obtain lab coats. The process is the same at all hospitals. Lab coats are only ordered for GFTs that work for the Department.

Process for Ordering Lab Coats

1. Secretary can order a lab coat for a new GFT Physician with the approval of the Physician Services Manager.

  • The purchase of the lab coat is charged to the corresponding Section cost centre.

2. Secretary who is an SAP Requisitioner

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can order the lab coats through SAP, see details below:

  • SAP 206890 @ $8.25 for 2X-Small
  • SAP 206891 @ $8.25 for X-Small
  • SAP 208554 @ $8.25 for Small
  • SAP 206893 @ $8.25 for Medium
  • SAP 206894 @ $8.50 for Large
  • SAP 206895 @ $8.75 for X-Large
  • SAP 206896 @ $9.00 for 2X-Large
  • SAP 206897 @ $9.50 for 3X-Large

The generic description from the contract is: Lab coat, Unisex, White, 80/20 Poly/Cotton, One Left Breast Pocket, Two Lower Pockets, Side Slash Opening to Access Pants Pocket. Plain Back, Button Front, Knee Length 41", Finished Hem.

3. If the physician chooses to launder it themselves, then no further information is required.

4. If the physician chooses to have linen services launder the coat, then linen services will stamp it with the physicians name, department and location so linen services knows where to send it after it is laundered.

  • For further information regarding laundering and labels, please call 787-2996.

The attached form is used for labels only: Media:WRHA_uniform_requisition.pdf. The form can be dropped off at LA011 between 0630 - 1440.

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