How to Obtain a U of M Library Card

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A library card enables you to

  • take out books
  • access online library resources
  • access the meeting rooms and computer labs

for U of M employees, GFT's or NIL appointments

The U of M ID badge gives you access to taking something out from the library, as well as access to online resources (eg. journals). To obtain one see U of M ID badge. A photo ID is the only way you can take books out of the library.

Note: A library card cannot be obtained until the individual has their employee ID. For a new Physician this occurs after their first pay.

For online library resource access, there are several choices:

  1. Use your U of M ID badge
  2. Go to SignUM to setup their account once you have your U of M employee #.

Online databases that you can search through are here. The Neil John McLean library home page is here.

Library card does not provide building access

You cannot obtain building access through a library card as per an online chat with Neil John MacLean Library. You need a U of M photo ID see U of M ID badge. {{Discuss | if U or M people now use their badge and no one else can get a card, then what does this section mean? User:Ttenbergen 15:39, 5 November 2018 (CST)

for HSC or UMG employees

Library access at U of M is no longer given out to those who don't have a University of Manitoba appointment (ie. GFT or NIL)

The WRHA Virtual Library is available to these employees, however, it has fewer online journals than U of M. It does have access to UpToDate.

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