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see also: How to Re-appoint/Extend a UofM Employee

Managers hiring toolkit/resources

Establish Appointment Type

If this is study related, Physician Services Manager will meet with principal investigator of that study to determine:

  • The type of University of Manitoba appointment options OR if this will be a replacement/fill of an existing appointment.
  • Number of hours/week
  • Wage
  • Length of appointment
  • Pay Benefits or not to pay Benefits (ie: pension, disability, workers compensation, etc)
  • Physician Services Manager may need to contact HR (Dean's office) Celeste/AJ to confirm the appropriate appointment AND if posting is required. If posting is required, begin the UM Careers process below.

Appointment types & benefits

  • Research appointment cheat sheet: media:UofM_Cheat_Sheet_Hiring_Researchers.pdf
  • Not posted less than 6 months (0-35 hours:
    • 6% paid out vacation
  • Posting - after an AESES position has been posted up to 18 month max, the next time it’s posted, it automatically has to be posted as continuing as per collective agreement (doesn’t matter if it’s grant funding). Working with HR/Payroll, a minimum of, I believe 50 days notice needs to be provided to the employee.
    • Can post casual for 6 months as 0-35 hours flex time – no benefits
    • Can post for 6 months full-time, however, there are no benefits attached
    • Can post part-time (ie. .5 eft specifically) up to a year, however, no benefits attached
    • Can post part-time longer than a year, however, they would be eligible for part-time benefits depending on the number of hours that they are working. Anything under .5 eft would not be eligible for benefits, however, HR determines this.
    • Please note: there is different criteria for every individual. (ie. they may periodically pick up shifts or work more than a .5 eft and this may bring them in line to be eligible for benefits the next). Benefit's department determines this at the time.
    • Benefits only are attached if the position is posted for 1 year or more
    • Anything up to a year, no benefits.

If the position is an Education Coordinator (Program Assistant)

, the Education Manager 

will begin the University of Manitoba process of hiring.

UofM Careers

Generate Job Posting

  • Review and update job description for existing position, or write new job description for new position _________ date initiated
  • Generate requisition through UM Careers recruitment website once evaluation and classification process is complete (you will be prompted to consider external advertising during requisition process) _________ date initiated

Review application materials

  • Establish selection committee, see Hiring Guidelines _________ date initiated
  • Once posting closes, provide selection committee with applicants’ resumes for review _________ date initiated

Prepare for Interviews

  • Develop selection criteria and interview questionnaire in collaboration with HR Consultant using the Screening Worksheet and Interview Template; decide on any applicant tests _________ date initiated
  • Establish shortlist using the Screening Worksheet _________ date initiated

Interview Candidates

  • Schedule and conduct interviews, assess results and decide on top candidate(s); gather interview materials from selection committee members _________ date initiated

Conduct Reference Checks

  • Read the Reference Check Guide; conduct reference checks using the Reference Check Questionnaire _________ date initiated

Make Selection Decision

  • Write Justification of Selection report and send it to HR Consultant for review; consultant will provide a salary recommendation based on the circumstances of the selection; see Justification of Selection _________ date initiated
  • Physician Services Manager(or HR when appropriate) to extend verbal offer to candidate based on terms outlined by HR Consultant
    • Contact HR Consultant for next steps if top candidate declines or responds with counter offer
    • _________ date initiated
  • Confirm acceptance and start date to HR Consultant as instructed; written offer will be pushed out through the recruitment website _________ date initiated
  • Communicate hiring decision (either verbally or through email) to unsuccessful candidates who were interviewed (where appropriate, contact HR Consultant for further assistance) _________ date initiated


Online PIF form: [1]

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