How to Hire a New WRHA Employee

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Establish Budget Requirements-funding source dependent

Options for funding:

Operating Cost Centre

Internal order

In SuccessFactors

Screening candidates

  • Export resumes and cover letters to file and print Hard copies must be stored for two(2) years. Interro-01.gif Really? The WRHA uses a computerized system and we need to print and store hard copy? That seems so strange I'd like to see a reference to the instructions for that... User:Ttenbergen 20:39, 2 December 2018 (CST)
  1. Create spread sheet with seniority, names and requirements
  2. Run seniority report & upload to the posting
  3. Add all names to the spreadsheet
  4. Check EACH for minimum requirements
  5. Send all to HR consult to verify who to send for testing
  6. Send for testing (see heading below)
  7. Those that pass:
  8. Check HR file for any red flags/ASAP
  9. ASAP Attendance Management Program
  10. Check references


Required testing: typing, medical terminology & MS Office

Letter of Offer

Approval of Offer


see Employee Onboarding

  • Ensure new employee orientation day is scheduled:
    • Link for LMS: [1]
      • Once logged in, go to Courses/Registration, Health Sciences Centre, Orientation

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