How to Hire a New GFT

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This article explains the process for hiring a new GFT.

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Non-advertised positions

For non-advertised, the Summary of Search can be sent at the time the letter is ready to go the Dean's office.

The summary of search form is found under the VP Academic Site on the University Website. See below under title 'Foreign Applicants' for link to actual form. You will need to get the Search Committee Members from the Managing Director. To view the structure of the search committee, click on link. Search Committee#GFT Search_Committee

Advertised positions

For advertised positions, an advertised Summary of Search needs to be completed and signed by Department Head and the Chair of the Search Committee (which could be Department Head). The following gets sent to the Dean's office for approval in advance of the contract:

  • Summary of Search (proposed search committee and ad are to be sent to Dean's office for approval first by email TBD, as above)
  • Copy of ad itself
  • Copy of ad that were in the specific Journals
  • 3 reference letters on the incumbent
  • CV

Foreign applicants

Note if this is a foreign recruitment, a Foreign Recruitment Summary, along with a Foreign Recruitment application Form must be completed by the Managing Director

Summary of Search and Foreign Recruitment forms are found: here

"The Letter of Offer"

Although we cannot send the letter to the Dean's office before the Summary of Search is approved, we can prepare the letter of offer in draft format, highlighting the areas you want the Managing Director to see for clarification.

Letter is found: My documents\templates\GFTltrOffer. {{Discuss|Whose "mydocuments" is this?

When giving the letter to the Managing Director, give the "Physician Recruitment" (

Interro-01.gif Link?) form

for them to fill out, along with the Green recruitment checklist(

Interro-01.gif Link?

, in case the "Foreign Trained" Section needs to be filled out.

After the Managing Director goes over the letter and makes any changes, prepare the final form. Along with the letter, prepare the Academic Appointment Formand Salary Distribution Sheet for the Department Head signature at one time. After the letter and Academic Form are signed, hold on to the Academic form and Salary Distribution Sheet and send the letter on to the next signature. When the letter is ready to go to the Dean's office, attach the Academic Form and Salary Distribution Sheet. The package is sent to the Dean's office in duplicate.

When Letter of Offer is ready to be sent to the new GFT for signature, attach the covering letter and GFT package which contains the following:

  • Cover letter from Managing Director (found under mydocument/templates/coverltrnewGFT.template
  • GFT Agreement and benefits information (in file cabinet)
  • Shared Health application package (in front file cabinet)
  • Physician Pharmacy agreement, along with the Specific purposes accounts handbook
  • U of M Academic Personal Information form found on UM Website under Human Resources
  • New Faculty Orientation Binder

hematology no tithe

For the GFT agreement Haematology / Oncology does not contribute to the Tithe. A separate GFT agreement was made showing 0% tithe (this is kept in the same hanging folder as the other agreement). Please send this GFT Agreement to the Haematology / Oncology physicians (in front file cabinet).

Should the GFT ask for more information pertaining to benefits, you can refer them to UMG's website, as UMG takes care of GFT benefits. Click on "Other programs"; then they can click on "Geographical Full-time Staff' and "Supplemental Health Benefit Plan Pamphlet"

The physician is required to meet w/UMG to sign up for benefits.

The physician is also required by the University to provide a copy of the SIN card, to determine Canadian Citizenship or produce a temporary SIN card that starts with the number 9 to ensure the candidate is legally allowed to work in Canada.

Final paperwork required

Once the final contract is ready to be sent to the Dean's office, the following paperwork needs to be sent (in duplicate):

advertised or non-advertised

plus the appropriate items from the sections below


  • Summary of Search
  • 3 reference letters
  • CV
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as all other forms have already been sent with Summary of Search for approval:

  • University Personal Information Form

documentation updates required upon hiring

Once the final signed contract is complete and sent to the Dean's office, contract and package have gone to the Dean's Office, update the following lists (if applicable):

  • Appointment end date list- under my documents/lists (word document)
  • GFT Analysis - under my documents/list (excel document). GFT Analysis is only updated for a new GFT or one that has left
  • UG-PG positions Int. Med update (excel document-may not need to be updated)
  • Section Head Review List (excel document - may not need to be updated)
  • Black Financial Binder (for any future salary changes)

Copies of Contracts

Shared Health CONTRACTS

  • original to Shared Health, along with the completed original of the MRCS form
  • copy for the individuals file, along with a copy of the completed MRCS form
  • copy to the physician


parties to inform about new contracts

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