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HSC ID badges are used for identification and for building access at the Health Sciences Centre.

Getting a badge

  • Print off the HSC ID form - must be two sided or security will not accept the form.
  • Open up Outlook on your desktop computer.
  • Go to public folders (note if you don't see public folders hold the Ctrl button whilst pressing 6, all public folders, Security Services, facility access form.
  • Form MUST be printed double sided.
  • Get HSC Org. Chief/Manager/PSM to sign and initial areas of applicable access.
  • Personal alarms can also be picked up at security.
  • Get employee to take the form directly to HSC Security to have their picture taken and get their HSC ID badge.

You can also access the form using WRHA webmail. Login here and then click on public folders which is located in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Then all click on security services, facility access form

If you do not have access to WRHA email, email the Managing Director or Physician Services Manager for your section requesting to complete the form.

Returning a badge

Ask for the ID Badges to be either handed back to your Physician Services Manager/ Program Administrator / Secretary who will return it to HSC Security, or hand the badge directly back to HSC Security. If the badge is not returned eventually to HSC Security, then if application is made again for another badge, that person will be charged a fee for issuing a badge when the first one was not returned.


Michelle Estrada

  • Secretary
  • HSC Security Services
  • MS-245 Thorlakson Building
  • 204-787-1465
  • emestrada@hsc.mb.ca

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