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HR Shared Services is the HR dept of the WRHA.

Contacting HRSS

Contact them at the Shared Health Service Desk 940-8500 ext. 5

  • ext 1 - employee status change
  • ext 2 - for all other inquiries

Email: HRSharedServices in WRHA Outlook Addressbook

Phone preferred over email

Phone calls are preferred over email contact because they generate less follow-up.

Incident numbers

Any contact to HRSS or the Shared Health Service Desk will generate an incident number for future reference.


Overflow calls and calls received outside of regular hours of operation will be routed to a Shared Health Service Desk agent, who will create a ticket and forward it to HRSS to be processed during regular hours of operation.

Recent Changes


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  • Support Resources what has changed...
  • HR Shared Services continues to work towards consistently delivering prompt service. Processing times are being tracked so trends can be identified and addressed if necessary. As much as possible, recruitment and onboarding-related actions are processed on a first in/first out basis. However, some requests for service are expedited in response to urgent situations.
  • Processing time reports will soon be available to site HR departments, providing more insight into current average times for steps in the recruiting and onboarding processes.

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