Guidelines for Part-Time Nil-Salaried Appointments

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Policy: Guidelines for Part-Time Nil-Salaried Appointments
Policy Nr: Sec 02 - 10
Target Review Date: 2017-12-31
Main Stakeholder: Contract Administrator


A Nil-Salaried appointment refers to an academic appointment in a specific clinical or basic science department of the Faculty of Medicine for which no University of Manitoba salary is paid. A faculty member with a Nil-Salaried appointment can hold any academic rank in the professorial or instructor streams including Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, or Instructor.

Appointees to the Professorial or Instructor Stream, on a part-time basis, must comply with the May 2012 University of Manitoba’s "Nil Salaried Academic Appointment Guidelines".

As outlined in the above document, faculty members in the Professorial stream of Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor require activities in all three academic pillars of research and scholarship, teaching and academic service. Faculty members in the instructor stream require responsibilities in only two of the three academic pillars.

In addition to the required responsibilities outlined in the May 2012 University of Manitoba’s "Nil Salaried Academic Appointment Guidelines" - the Department of Internal Medicine expects the following minimum contribution:

  • An average of five hours of teaching per year which would include direct contact teaching, “walk rounds”, seminars or tutorial sessions
  • A minimum attendance of 20% of section meetings
  • A minimum attendance of 20% of section rounds

As well, appointees should provide insight into contemporary methods of providing patient care. (This criterion is consistent with accreditation standards, specifically those related to undergraduate medical education, LCME standard FA-4).

The lines of evidence that indicate compliance with this standard include the following:

  • Documented participation of the faculty in professional development activities related specifically to teaching and evaluation.
  • Attendance at regional or national meeting on education affairs
  • Evidence that faculty members’ knowledge of their discipline is current


Documentation of activities will be done on an annual basis using the STAR Database. Section Heads will be responsible for ensuring that the information is submitted annually.

Teaching Evaluations

The procedures for the evaluation of teaching faculty including part-time faculty parallel those used for academic faculty.

The "Resident Evaluation of the Attending Consultants" form is used by the residents to confidentially evaluate attendings (including part-time physicians) with whom residents have had significant contact with during a rotation.

Aggregate reports of the evaluation forms are collated and analyzed bi-annually. To ensure that enough evaluations are available for part-time faculty members - aggregate reports will include the last six years of data.

These reports will be used for performance evaluation or development, and in making renewal and promotion decisions. The reports will also provide the basis for identifying outstanding performers who will be recognized for teaching awards for CTU and subspecialty service.

Appointment Renewal

Decisions regarding the renewal of part-time appointments are made by the  Head, Department of  Internal  Medicine  in  consultation  with the   Section Heads and  the  performance  of  the appointee as determined by/the above criteria. 


Faculty members who hold a Nil-Salaried Appointment in the Department of Internal Medicine are eligible for:

  • Promotion in the Faculty of Medicine
  • Department of Internal Medicine Teaching Awards

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