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The Undergraduate Medical Education program is to develop, deliver and evaluate a high quality educational program for the MD Program.

The program is led by the

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Undergraduate Medical students start their academic year in August and goes through to June. Usually the Medical students that in their first year don't start course with the Section of Geriatric until October. The students that are in "TTC" do their transition in the beginning of the academic year around September.

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The first year students are expected to attend teaching sessions in the community as an added thing to the regular curriculum.

  • The first one that is introduced is Personal Care Home Visits (PCH Visit) - this gives the students the ability to interact with Elderly s who are in care homes, they are to accompany the attending s/social workers and assess the patients.
  • The second one they are introduced to is the Community Geriatrics - This is a clinical setting where the students are visiting patient's homes to interview them with no physical assessment, they are accompanied with social workers or clinicians. This can be 3 hours in length.


The second year students are in teaching lectures at different sites. They are required to attend these are mandatory teachings.

  • The course “Experiencing Disabilities” is coordinated with The Alzheimer’s Society.
    • Sessions start in April and is 3 hours long
    • Includes games, activities, videos and stations
    • Mimics symptoms of patients for students to experience ie: popcorn in their shoes so they can see how it hurts when you walk when you are older
    • Some student watch a video/ play games while others rotate on 6 stations
  • The course “Cognitive Assessment” is a teaching in a classroom setting, but on the different sites that the Section attends to.
  • Transition to Clerical (TTC), this is a 4 week period where the students are transitioning from Med 2 (Pre-Clerkship to Med 3 (Clerkship), they are about to start in the clinical atmosphere and apply the knowledge they have learnt in the last 2 years being in school.

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, with the help of the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee.

Sections that have a postgraduate Medical Education Program designate Postgraduate Program Directors.

The programs are administered by the Undergraduate Program Administrator, a Program Administrator.


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